• Due to datamining of the demo files, substantial leaks are now everywhere. As a reminder, some of these are in-development screenshots and may point to events that aren't going to be in the final game. Some of them are clearly going to be in the game. The TLS stance is this: Any thread which will contain discussion on the leaked images/ details must clearly contain [SPOILERS] within the title. Anything within those threads does not need to be spoiler tagged. Any POST anywhere on the board containing spoilers must be spoiler tagged or it will be removed and warned. Please report this where you see it. Let's try to make sure everyone can still freely post until everyone has a chance to play this game please!

Intro jazz


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Long time lurker on here, recently re-dug into the threads because of the down the rabbit hole video on the final fantasy house, and the recent upcoming remake. (Confluence of events and YouTube recommendations)

Long time fan of the FF series and nerdy junk in general, not sure what else to say but feel free to ask anything.

Figured I might as well take part in any new discussions and stuff.

Hi ya'll
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