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Is FF7 happening in real life?


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A single person strapped to a bomb would not be able to carry out such an operation by themself. For one thing, a person can't lug that much explosive material on them, they'd never make it to the target.

Also, this attack seems to have been carried out by drones. I'm going to guess that they programmed/controlled the drones in such a way that they would not trigger whatever detection systems were in place to prevent such an attack.

Either way, you have a resistance faction bombing a large source of the world's energy supply and then claiming responsibility... Interesting that in real life, the blame for the attack is suddenly politicized in such a way as the culprits of the attack are obscured. There's not going to be any surety of who did this for some time, thanks to the current political climate of yelling things because you thought of them first. -_-

Anyhow. I sure wish there was a long-haired bishounen with the strength to slice a baseball in half with a 9 foot katana that we could just beat to shit and save the world. It ends up being a lot more mundane than that, if it comes, I'd wager. And tedious.


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but I guess we don't have any magical colored orbs that give us superhuman abilities.
Yes there is! "quartz materia" makes quartz watches tick and purifies energy! Green Aventurine is supposed increase luck! Some are said to help with healing and even clairvoyance! (some say they contain the wisdom of the planet (earth) because they take so long to naturally form!
Also, there isn't enough mousse in the world for a hairdo like that.
you don't use mousse. you use "Got 2B Glued" spiking glue! (the freeze spray that says "wind tunnel tested" on the can!)
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