Is the crew rich? Where do they get their money?

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Given that while Zack is on the run from ShinRa in the latter half of CC and ShinRa keeps sending him missions, I would assume that Shinra keeps sending Cloud money while he's clearing out Zack's mission log which has been backlogged by like 5 years. Mega Corporations, HR, and the minute of doing paperwork properly, amirite? :wacky:

Serious answer: Money isn't important, rebuilding their life post-Meteor and living their lives out for those who lost theirs has more value.


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I got the impression Barret worked as he went along, or he just didn't need money because in their world people share their food and let strangers sleep in their barn and so on. Or else he breaks into people's houses, steals their elixirs and sells them.
I like to think that all the loot the party obtained from defeating monsters and enemies made them all pretty well off financially. Although Barret was not necessarily the image of a saint (none of the characters were - most of them had similar secret motives for revenge), I can't see him or any of the other characters save Yuffie robbing innocent peoples' houses, unless they were like, employees of Shinra maybe, or if Barret was in danger of not being able to help provide for Marlene. Especially after meteorfall, when they're all mostly working on themselves to become better people.


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But why do monsters carry GIL? :@
Yeah, that thought crossed my mind when I wrote that post. The other loot can be exchanged for lots of gil, but that doesn't explain why monsters carry plain gil as well. We can obviously chalk this up to gameplay mechanics, but in this fandom we always like to have a rationalization for everything (not complaining, I'm the same way) to enhance the immersion/lore. We don't know how intelligent these monsters are, but they don't appear to talk. They are probably scared of settlements since we don't really see them in towns, much like wild animals IRL. They probably think "shiny!" and take the coins from their traveler victims because they look interesting to them, and have enough intelligence to keep items that enhance their combat or heal them. Based on their behavior, I would think they have a level of intelligence comparable to apes. WIth all that leaves the question of where they carry things. :monster:
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I always figured that outside of the mass manufacturing strongholds like Midgar and other cities, there still exists a healthy old school Hunter tradesman economy.

So the gang kill loads of monsters, harvest the pelts and meat and bits and bobs (zemzelett claws are essential for making healing potions,what with their natural White Wind healing ability) and funded themselves off of the proceeds.

Eventually they mastered enough rare materia they sold some of it off and more or less made themselves financially comfortable for life.

They did this before the populace started to really shy away from materia usage by Advent Children. So I guess that makes them opportunistic market investors who made their profit and bailed before the market crashed.

I like to think Tifa has good business sense from her years running the bar and handled party funds, and Cloud felt cool in his dorky way by spending some of it on the villa. Tifa knows it's purely a vanity purchase, but her soft spot for Cloud and seeing him all goofy happy and the very real possibility they would die soon meant she didn't protest such a colossal and expenditure :wacky:

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I think SE introduced the selling of pelts and drops and bits and bobs to inject a note of realism, since it really doesn't make sense for monsters to literally drop gil. I hope they use this trade economy in FFVIIR as well.
I enjoy this mechanic much more over just grinding for Gil. I (eventually) enjoyed the FF13 system of using bits and bobs to upgrade your gear, but I wouldn't want that in 7 though.
Post meteorfall, they're probably mostly on a barter economy. The gang have the useful skill of monster hunting, so they're comfortable. I dunno about 'rich', but they could get by in game by selling off their gear. Afterwards, less so, but they can leverage their combat skills hunting monsters and the like.

A delivery service becomes really important when travelling becomes difficult, and Cloud doesn't have much to fear from bandits, monsters, etc. Bars (and safe bars at that), are also really important in these situations. Yuffie and Red don't need money, Cid is really useful as a skilled pilot and engineer, Vincent can probably get by alone. Barret in one of the novellas hunts monsters I think?
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