I've been on this hecking website for 10 years


Great Old One
Where does time go anyway :monster:

I signed up on TLS October 14th 2011 because I wanted a forum to post regularly on. I found TLS through looking up stuff from Advent Children (surprise) and of course my first post was in the at time current LTD thread. Shame. lol. I think I picked the username 'Fangu' kind of out of the blue after a few weeks, and it stuck. And here I am, a decade later. I've spent hours voice/ video chatting with people, met around twenty? or so? people from the forums IRL. I've been here through job changes, house changes and partner changes.

I'm glad this place still exists. I'd never imagined in a million years I'd be here this long, or that it'd even survive this long. A web forum in 2021? Heck! It's fantastic. Thanks to the staff but especially to @Cthulhu because without him the site would have been dead long ago.

To TLS. Thanks for the memories <3

I keep reading this thread title as "I've been hacking this website for 10 years" and having visions of a Sinfinity-style implosion :desu:

I also joined within the first week and it's remained pretty much permanently up on my browser for the following 13 years. As the wider internet left forums behind, I'm so glad this one has persisted. It allows for a type of conversation you can't get on Discord or Twitter.

And off course I'm glad you've been here all this time too, Fangu <3
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