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I heard that SMF have a rep system. If it's anything like Vbulletin's rep system I think it might be fun to implement it. Of course this is provided that people don't take internets seriously. ::)
Already suggested here. We didn't exactly come to a decision on it. I only suggested it so I can rep someone when valid post is made, but it's also pretty pointless. I don't really care if we use it or not.
Ahh sorry didn't see that.

I'm waiting for more input from others, but it was pretty terrible back on ACF, with people complaining about getting negrepped and cliques posrepping each other all the time.
Yeah I do see the problem. It's called people taking things too seriously. Honestly revenge negging is one of the stupidest things to do but some members just feel they have to do it. Well anyway, whatever you decide, I was just mostly curious to see if it'd work out.
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