Kefka...???? What Are YOU Doing Here?!?!


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The war hero driven mad by experimentation performed on him to make him a cut above the rest, who then seeks to destroy the world for a perceived greater good.

One alien mommy short of a Sephiroth :P.

I don't think it is really ideal to compare Kefka to later rendition main villains because their wasn't as much space on a SNES cartridge for exploring everything that they could have on a disc. If I did have to compare him to someone, Kuja represents the same sort of thing (protags are trying to find meaning, Kuja doesn't believe in a meaning)... and also Hojo has a lot of similarities to Kefka in a way.
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I think what makes Kefka work is that he is so over the top. He's not some embodiment of all evil or ancient prophesied threat. He's just a straight up sociopath who by the endgame gets flung into the deepest levels of nihilism. The Kuja comparison is actually pretty spot on.


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I don't think it is really ideal to compare Kefka
To be honest, I'd take this a step further and say none of the FF games really are very effective to compare to each other, though I used to think so, because in my mind, the team was the same from the beginning on.


I remember reading in an interview from the 90's with some of the FF6 team members that FF is unique as a series in that the team gets shuffled around like a deck of cards, and each team is always out to create something completely new. This wasn't always possible on the NES side of things (for obvious reasons) so a lot of assets ended up getting re-used back then, but from FF4 on, things got, shall we say, interesting.

But comparing any two of the mainline entries is rather fruitless at this point, knowing what I know now. None of them are intended to be related to the others in much of any way at all.
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