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Kill La Kill: IF



This game means nothing to me if
is not a battle theme for one of the stages.

Second of all get those strikeouts out of my face--Fight Club Mako 'bout to WHOOP some ass!!!!

Actually I'm probably gonna main Nonon, let's be real here.


Joe, Arcana

Also mate. MATE. I've been listening to Sapphires cover of Blumenkranz for like two weeks straight. Can't get enough.

Also I'll probably play as Nui a lot too cos shes a damn psycho.
LMAOOOO NUI THAT CRAZY LADY. She utterly freaked me out and I loved it.

Also OMG that is my go-to English cover for this song too! Okay this might be off topic but this song is SOOOO near and dear to my heart because
-- there was this one year at LA's Anime Expo when Kill La Kill was ALL THE HYPE - the "It" anime of the year (this year was MHA) - and the lines to pick up your convention badges were literally 4-6 hours long. Well, my cousins and I arrived late per usual and the line was miles long and we kindasorta wandered our way to the front of the line, just to look of course >.>

At the front of the line, there was an area of computers where you go and print out your badge, pick up your 'swag bag,' and then walk out through a designated exit. Standing at this exit was an overly enthusiastic (and distracted) security guard who frolicked about and hyped up the con-goers who were exiting the badge pick up area. At one point the guard was shmoozin' it up with a group of kids, thereby leaving his post unattended. My cousins and I squeaked by, found some unoccupied computers, printed our shit, and walked out :awesome: The overly enthusiastic security guard hyped us up as we left, too.

Laughing menacingly, we took an escalator down to an uninhabited area of the convention center and hid in the shadows behind a large pillar. My cousin took out the beers he had smuggled in, set up his portable speakers, and we shared a toast to our victory as Blumenkranz blasted in the background. :awesome: One of my most evil, most victorious moments yet.

OT: Anyway this is going to sound totally ignorant of me but how do modern-day fighting games work nowadays? Is there online play? I'd love to see my Nonon destroy your Fight Club Mako, Joe. (I jest -- I really suck at these, but I'm gonna shit talk anyway).


Joe, Arcana
Oh great now I can't enjoy that song myself because it's SAB'S song. Jk that story was fantastic, jfc such rebellion at an anime con.

Fighting games still come in a number of flavours. 3D fighters like this your mileage will vary but in general tend to be real simple to get the hang of. You don't need any complicated button presses or anything like that to do the flashy combos and special moves. You can still get really good at it but it's very easy to pick up and play. 2D fighters are definitely tougher to learn and master.
And pretty much every game like this has online multiplayer so yeah I can totally destroy your shit play with you. :monster:
Oh great now I can't enjoy that song myself because it's SAB'S song.
Heh heh heh that was my plan all along heh heh :awesome:

Well that's encouraging! Gameplay looks pretty fun and I'm all about trying new types of games. This and MHA are definitely on my radar but I wonder how similar they're going to be :lol:

Also I just realized that trailer you posted is from AX2018! I wonder if they premiered this at the TRIGGER panel? Damn it I would've killed to be part of that audience!



hedgehog pandacat
I watched Kill la Kill in one sitting while having an acid trip and I could not describe you a single episode (or anything that happens) but it was quite the trip

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Joe, Arcana
I'd wager they are just different voicelines and are functionally identical. You just wanna pick the correct one in the rock/paper/scissors style showdown.


That Man
Well, I got my first impression of the game tonight from the ARCLive stream, and it's better than I was expecting.

It's an Arena fighter, but not Multi-player like Dissidia NT is.

It's more akin to the Saint Seiya games where you circle around your opponent.

It's close to Jump Force, actually.

Only thing that seemed like it needed work was the talking mouth animations, which seemed laggy and slow unlike the other smoother movement animations.

It was a prototype build... I'm sure there's footage of it by now.
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