Kingdom Hearts 3 Discussion Podcast


Chloe Frazer
Tentative date right now would be this Sunday depending on how many people are interested and available. If we do in on Sunday it will probably be in the afternoon. Podcasts are recorded on discord and everyone has to be on push to talk. If anyone is interested in participating but can't on Sunday please share what dates work best for them.


- Finished KH3
- Decent mic
- Good internet connection
- Quiet place to record
- Arriving at least 30 minutes before recording is set to start to test sound

If anyone has any KH3 question suggestion to be used a topic of discussion during the podcast even if you're not participating in the recording, you are very welcome to share them here.


Chloe Frazer
So looking to record this week, preferably on the weekend. Anyone interested in participating can share when it would work best for them.
1. What do you think KH3 has accomplished in terms of storytelling and character development? Do you think there was anyone who was underutilised, for example?
2. Would you consider KH3 a feminist game?
3. I work in childcare and I'd like to know if there are any role models present in the game that my babies can look up to, particularly my baby girl Maple!
4. Who was your favourite FF cameo (they definitely had those, right?)
5. Any words of advice on how you managed to get through the especially tougher fights????
Finally, what would you like to see in future releases?
I am so looking forward to this one!!
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