Ladies and Gents It's Newbie time ! D:


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Hiya everyone, is Yoshi and during these past few days have been looking for a Final Fantasy forum to speak on, but they all seem to be dead because the people have all gone and left the forum..

So is this place still alive ? :awesome: lol, hope so. xD';;

Is playing through the retro Final Fantasy games at the moment from FF1- FF5 and is really enjoying the playthrough and the whole retro experience. =)

Don't really have a favourite Final Fantasy game, though do dislike the character Zidane from FFIX and really favor Squall Leonhart and Tifa Lockhart from FFVIII & FFVII ( a close friend even said that I reminded her of Squall ;) )each Final Fantasy is pretty amazing and different so don't think *hate* any of them.

..Yeah, can't meet you all =)

BTW, the emoticons here are really awesome, cookie monster for the win ! )


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Wow, hardcore Courier font is hardcore.

You're going to be awesome to talk to, I know it.
Also +win for Yoshi.


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