Last Film You've Seen

They're not "movies," they're films. Get it right.

Anyway, post the name of last film you've seen and your thoughts on it.


I was just dragged by my cousin to watch Twilight. Never read the books, but the poorly written script and horrible acting destroyed whatever potential the story may have had.

It's definitely not the worst vampire flick I've seen tho.
If the movie was bad, I'm sure it did great justice to the books. Seriously, my friend coerced me into reading ALL of Twilight ("no! you're just getting to the good part! don't worry you'll definitly love it by the end!") and oh my sweet baby jesus, I never so seriously burn a book that wasn't a textbook so badly.

That said, the last movie I saw was Wall-E. I just bought the DVD, and I love it just as much as when I went to go see it in the theatres in the summer. Despite being animated robots, Wall-E and Eve have one of the best on-screen romances I've seen in a long time. Very, very touching movie for kids and adults alike :monster:


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Actually, I just had Cold Mountain on in the background while I was studying Physiology.
Twilight. I never read the books, my friend just forced me to watch it with her she's a rabid fan.

TBH, the movie is mediocre. Never got the hype surrounding it. Nor do I get Robert Pattinsons appeal. He's not that good looking. ???

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If you love cute Disney films, this is a good one. It's along the same line of just about.. well... every Pixar film, but it's a cute movie, and funny, and just a nice film all around.

The characters are super awesome in it too. I have a tendency to go "I am IRKED" now.


Wall-E is pretty good (for an animation movie, zomfg), and after that, I watched Vexille, some Japanese CG animation movie. It was pretty poor in terms of story / ending, imho, although the setting was interesting :monster:. But I wouldn't bother getting it.

Before those, I watched The Dark Knight, which was (imo) far too long and was more like two movies into one, but it was good overall.
My sister was watching 'Catch me if you can' the other day, so I sat and watched it with her. It was actually pretty good, considering I normally dislike Leo movies. :monster:

Before that... I seriously think it was The Dark Knight, which I enjoyed overall and was happy Batman redeemed himself for Batman Begins.

Or, it might have been this giant robot anime which the name of I forget. Giant robot police officers... who showed up in the last half an hour.


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Patlabor? Appleseed?

I can't remember what the last film I saw was. But I have new cut of Blade Runner on Blu-Ray to watch.

[quote author=Rusty link=topic=75.msg812#msg812 date=1228538347]
Never read the books, but the poorly written script and horrible acting destroyed whatever potential the story may have had.[/quote]
That's where the problem lies. The poorly written books :monster:

Although a friend of mine had to stop a girl (I say girl, this is late teens) from stabbing some guy with a pencil for saying something bad about Twilight, so I'm going to stop now :monster:
"Escape from the planet of the apes", (Planet of the Apes 3)

Initially this movie seemed good; but like with the second movie the ending ruined everything. The way the story is retconned with the sequels makes everything into a giant mess, and I just skimmed through the fourth and fifth movie because I knew they weren't worth the sitting.

First movie is excellent. Second and third starts out good, but the endings just doesn't cut it.
The last movies I saw were The Notebook and Wall-E. One was an amazing love story; the other was a steaming pile of cliches and gauzy filters. I'll let you figure out which one's which. :D


Doesn't really matter, :monster:.

I saw The Day the Earth Stood Still (the new one) in the cinemas the other day. Good movie, but lame / old concept / story.


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Miller's Crossing. It was pretty awesome. I lol'd how
he went through all that drama and scheming just for the sake of a $500 debt
The Day the Earth Stood Still. I enjoyed it, it was fun and all, but the environmental message was unnecessary and clearly slapped on to make a remake "current."

Before that was Quantum of Solace, as usual an action movie of unmatched quality and production value. But it shares the two problems I had with Casino Royale. One is the lack of a "Bond" feel, but I know they're going for this weird (stupid) pseudo-prequel feel.

Two, and more importantly, the camera's constant movement. The later Bourne movies fell into this trap too. I guess the idea is to make things look chaotic, which I suppose it does, but I can't see what's going on! That opening car chase looked like it must've been awesome, had I been able to see it. Bond movies were always great for the amazing choreography in both car chases and hand to hand fights. The "chaotic" camera comes off to me as a cheap way out, it appears like they didn't bother choreographing a full scene. And maybe they did, but I wouldn't know.

Even Advent Children, though the fights did move very fast, the camera did actually show everything that happened. If it moved too fast you could play with the slow-motion feature and see everything that happened. But now that Hollywood cameramen seem to have been stricken with Parkinson's Disease, you could watch it frame-by-frame and still not see much.

/rant. Sorry, just bugs me. :)


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I liked the use of shaky cam in the Bourne movies. You weren't really supposed to know what was going on; half of the point was to disorient you, because the characters were certainly feeling disoriented when it was used. I felt it helped to make the impact of the films more visceral and immediate. That said, I haven't seen QoS yet so I don't know if it suits the purpose of the film as well.
Last movie I saw in theatres was that stupid Saw movie. Where are they now, on their 6th or something?

And I want to see TDTESS. I saw the original not too long ago.
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''Mamma Mia''... we went with school, but I have to admit that I haven't seen any real movie before that for quite some time.

It was okay, I guess, since it was ABBA. And people were tripping over my school bag, it was hilarious.


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Last movie I saw was In Bruges, which was a freakin' great movie.

Ralph Fiennes(Harry Waters)was a rock in that movie. One of the best film characters ever, IMHO.

His line "Don't be stupid. This is the shootout", was effing hilarious, because of the face he made.

Guy has RANGE, man. Phenomenal actor.


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Was supposed to see the spirit the other night but we were sort of drunk and kind of went to the theatre about an hour after they stopped selling tickets. How ever us being drunk we just walked right in , headed to the arcade to kill some time then tried to buy our tickets and got mega embarrased ;_;

Anyway last movie i saw was jumper on hbo, it wasnt the worst movie in the world like the critics made it out to be.
Then again it wasnt the best thing in cinema either. But the point is while watching it i was intrigued and never bored.
I watch movies to have fun , not to be a snob who likes to put 2 thumbs up or down. IT was fun to watch and kind of funny and i think it deserves a higher score then it was rated.
While I haven't seen Jumper, I agree with what you're saying. In almost every medium, movies, theater, music (and not so much video games yet, actually, but getting there), critics usually seem to be far more concerned with how witty their remarks can be rather than offering any substantial information about what they're reviewing.

I'm intrigued by Valkyrie, and was supposed to see it last week but never got around to it. Anyone scene it? It could be good, though I find it funny that the gun in the preview is a British gun from 20 years after WWII :)
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