Latest rumor on the FFVII remake!

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Today they announced they are officially considering, if they will announce or not that they are considering making their consideration for announcing their consideration a FF7 remake official or not. But maybe not. It's still under consideration and isn't official yet...

Or is it?


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Actually, friend of mine was going on about some famitsu scan leak showing a VII remake for DS. I then told him pics or it didn't happen...

But yeah I'd eat my hat if they ever did that :monster:
...fuck DS
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You fags better get ready right now, a lot of april fools jokes are going to start early to try and slip under the radar.


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This just in guys the new FF7 game is going to be a racer.

FF7: Sephiroth Street Syndicate.

Thats just a prototype of sephiroths car, expect many more belts and zippers to be in the final version.
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