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You may have noticed that I haven't been around much since February's Kupocon in London. I'm not sure how much you all know about what happened but I'm not going to go over it here. I don't feel the need to get "my side" of the story out. Suffice to say I felt (and still feel) terrible about my part in it and decided to give some space to the other people involved. That's why I've been away.

I offered my resignation in the staff section some time ago but it wasn't accepted, so I've been in a kind of limbo since then. I've been visiting the forum every once in a while to see if my presence has been needed, but having finished work on the Discourse theme for now, it shouldn't be needed any longer. That's why it's time for me to make my leave of absence public.

This community has been an important part of my life for a long time and it hurts to be away from it, but I still feel it's the right thing to do. To reassure anyone who might be dreading my return, I can at least say it won't be in 2018, if it happens at all. Until then, if you want/need to get a hold of me, Discord is your best bet: I'm Flintlock#6849. No obligations, though.

I wish you all the very best and I hope you get some Remake news at E3. Peace.
Take care dude :salute: Thank you for all your many, many contributions to the frontpage and your tutorials for newspost creation.

May you find the peace you're looking for.
I don't know anything about anything and I don't want to. I'd noticed you were missing, Flint. Sad. Hopefully a time will come when you'll feel able to return.


3x3 Eyes
No idea about what happened, but you have been a great presence here and will be seriously missed dude. Your insight and work has been great. Hope everything works out for you.


People are probably expecting a diatribe from me (whether negative or positive who knows, the expectations must be all over the place) but I have a lot of conflicting emotions and opinions about this I don't know how to express so I'll just try to keep it professional and say this:

Thank you wholeheartedly for all you've contributed to TLS.


Waiting for something
Awww Flint i'm so sorry to see you go, please take care and I hope to see you in the future x


Bad Habit
Ruby Rose, Lucy
Bye Flint, I’ll miss our discord game nights that you were a huge part of. I hope everything goes well for you buddy.

Obsidian Fire

Ahk Morn!
The Engineer
Flint, so much of what TLS looks like is due to you. Thank you for everything you have contributed over the years.

I hope to run into you again and I hope things improve for you.

Keveh Kins

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Keep in touch brother. I'll miss you.

Thanks for being so cool, and for bringing me out of my shell.

Gonna be a big hole around here without you, mo chara


Save your valediction (she/her)
I’ll be eagerly anticipating your return! Stay frosty out there, my friend!


Joe, Arcana
Thanks for everything. Hope the break does you well and you decide to come back in the near future. :salute:


Harbinger O Great Justice
Genuine TONS of thanks for everything, man. I'll likely be around until the heat death of the universe, so here's to hopefully seeing you again long before then. :awesomonster:

X :neo:


The Sublimely Magnificent One
Oh wow. You may not even know this, Flint, but you were one of the guys here who really made me feel welcome. No idea what happened, but it sucks to see you go. Good luck in all you do, and I hope to see you here again sometime.


Chloe Frazer
Flint you have done a lot for this community, take care of yourself and find your way back.


Octo, Octorawk, Clarky Cat, Kissmammal2000
Flintychops noooo. I mean I guess I'll see you on twitter assuming you haven't muted me yet but. :(
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