Let's ALL Play The Classic Final Fantasies! [IDEA THREAD]

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Hey guys. Some of you may be aware that we're all considering expanding our focus to some of the classic Final Fantasy games, I-VI (in addition to the Compilation). To that end, I was pretty damn shocked to find out that a lot of you have never even played any of the games before VII at all. To me, this is unacceptable that so many of you missed out on entries of the series that are just as good as the newer installments (with VI arguably (and I mean arguably because it's always being contested) the best of them all).

So I thought of an idea. How would you guys feel about all of us starting up and playing through the older FFs all at once? Here's how it works; we vote on a classic FF to play through (although I'm probably gonna have to insist we start with VI first :)), and we all start playing at the same time. Throughout the event/topic, we discuss and share our thoughts and opinions so far.

Every so often, I'll have a checkpoint, where everyone stops at a certain part of the game, and I pose a question or a topic of discussion about that particular part of the game, what's going on, or your thoughts on the game so far. Everyone chips in, and the playthrough continues on. This goes on until we all beat the game and we move on to the next title.

As far as everyone getting the games, the ROMs for the classic FFs are easy enough to find and emulators can be run on any computer, so there shouldn't be any problem with anyone being able to play. Also, everyone will finally have a reason to play those classic FFs right now, and everyone will get to play at the same time and discuss it. Who knows, you might find a favorite.

What do you guys think? Will you guys participate in this for sure if we do this?
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Lovely idea, and best of all since its on an emulator we can screen cap moments we thought were awesome, or moments where in we totally owned a difficult boss, or dialogue that maybe hillarious (i.e. all of FF5, best game evar imo) and then share them with each other :)

I'd say its a toss up between FF5 and FF6. Imo FF6 is the best FF game to date and it would be interesting to see the opinions of the members who consider FF7 the best but not have played 6 yet.

Then again FF5 is a really fun, light hearted game that could bring up everyones spirits about this whole project and just motivate us to keep on playing. Either way great idea mog :awesome:
I've played VI a couple times, 5 only once and loved it. So I would like an excuse to play V again. But I'm always game for playing VI again as well(and was scheduled to play through it with my girlfriend this summer before she dumped me :'().

Anyway, yes, I would participate.
I'm definitely in! The only classic FFs I've played are VI and IV. I started III on the DS but was never motivated enough to get very far.

Though if anyone did want to play that classic FFIII (fan translated), I know where we can play it without any emulator involved. That is, if we ever get to that game :P


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I'd be down. I've been wanting to play the classic games but haven't done so yet. This would be a good excuse. :)

I also have no aversion to buying any of them instead of using an emulator. I like to own things that I like, so if I liked one I would just buy it anyway. :)

I do own the PS1 versions of the first two games as well (although I never got far in either of them).


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I was planning on playing FFVI anyway, and wondered about making some kind of topic about it given the push towards the classics but didn't know what I'd write :monster:

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I've played all of the Final Fantasy games up to XII (minus XI and XIII) within the past year for the second time so most of it is pretty fresh on my mind. I wouldn't mind seeing how the discussions go though :)
I haven't played most of the classics, so I'd definitely like to participate for sure. Though, like Omega said, FFVI is the most likely candidate - I wouldn't mind playing VI though.
Holy shit, that's a fabulous idea, I will definitely have to choose FFVI myself, I can play that game over and over and NEVER get bored. ♥ It's been awhile too (a whole month) and I miss my baby. :c

Sorry I just have to bring this up
totally owned a difficult boss, or dialogue that maybe hillarious
I totally FREAKED OUT during the boss in the gallery. Scared the shit out of me, am I the only one? D:

moments we thought were awesome
Doom train.
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I want to but I honestly don't have time right now D:

It sounds like fun though, if I get a lighter work schedule here in the future, I might join in.


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I nominate FFVI because I actually own a copy of it! I'll be definitely happy to participate if I'm capable of finding it and digging it out.
This sounds like a fun idea. Out of the classic FFs I've just played IV and VI (and most of the DS remake of III) but it's been a while so I definitely wouldn't mind replaying them. I agree that VI would probably be the best to start out with - seems like there'd be a good mix of opinions from people replaying it and people playing it for the first time.

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Yes! Everyone get your ROMs and emulators together.

You can get ZSNES (the best SNES emulator) here. As far as ROMs go, you can generally find them anywhere (I can't think of a good spot off the top of my head), but if you're going to go that route, please get the 'official/real' version of FFVI. Learn how to work the emulator and the game as far as buttons, controls, how to save and load, and so on.

But do not officially start playing until I official make the topic in earnest. We're all on the honor system here!

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The choice is up to you. Obviously it would be better to buy them as it supports the classics financially and it sends a message to SE, but if you can't buy them (or you opt to play the SNES version, which is valid seeing as the music/graphic quality is WAY better than any single one of the ports), go ahead and ROM 'em.


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(or you opt to play the SNES version, which is valid seeing as the music/graphic quality is WAY better than any single one of the ports)
Is it? I had the GBA one ready. Probably because there was something aded to it that I thought was worth getting when I downloaded it, which I've forgotten what it was now.

I actually had a look at buying it (any version), but it was sold out or an insane price :monster:


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GBA version has slightly altered OST to accound for the speakers being less robust

PS1 has technically better sound... but shit load times.

This thread makes me want to do a TLS Dorf Fortress.
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