Locked Heart // Tifa Lockhart

Well SOLDIER doesn't even seem to allow women anyway, barring Deepground, so by drawing a SOLDIER Tifa the artist is already taking some artistic license. And Tifa seems to hate modest clothes anyway. The only problem I have with is that she seems to be wearing shorts, when Tifa is a skirt person. Other than the shorts thing, the art is great.
Have you seen AC? Tifa's dressed both modestly and wearing long shorts in there, :monster:
She's raising kids in AC, something that can affect a person's wardrobe choices, since there are certain kinds of clothes most parents don't want to wear around their kids. And besides, when you compare Tifa's like 3 outfits with skirts and 2 outfits with dresses to her 1 outfit with shorts, it's clear she prefers skirts. And her AC outfit isn't that modest, it still shows part of her midriff, and would break most school's dress codes for that reason.


Lucky she's not a teacher, etc :monster:. Also, how many people do you know with only three outfits?

Okay backing out the thread again, discussing dress choices and whatnot about video game choices is silly :monster:


If the sky comes falling down
Tifa fanclub ! Can I join this fanclub too as well as the Cloti one ? Please ? :'(

Take some art !

It's pretty big, so it's under spoiler !

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