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Isn't the mechanics for EC going to be same as Dissidia Opera Omnia? Where you gatcha for weapons and pay for outfits?

Agree with @Eerie was lazy with Tifa for EC. Even if they don't give her a princess gown, there are a tonne of badass things they could debut her with. Valkyrie? Warrior queen? I liked some of Lightning's looks and they could easily replicate similarly for a female action hero.

But imho, I suspect that they stick to a very tried and true tested with Tifa for all their mobile gachas: make her a super op, single target DPS unit for that period and hype up her weapon stats and / or release her as a free unit to get people to download and draw for her. Then release Cloud in the same time frame as the premium unit cos they know people would want them as a set.

Reserve the cosmetics for Aerith cos less people pull for the support units and milk money from her die hards by giving her all the pretty dresses ?
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