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What the heck did they do to my poor Marksman? What good is a headshot bonus when you have a 4 second window to hit targets flying around a singularity??


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Soldier in ME1 I understand as it easily dominates in terms of ability to take out shields, biotics and general health depending on ammo loadout and also gives you access to every single weapon in the game.

By the time you reach me3 though biotics fast become an unstoppable force and the soldier class kinda just dies out somewhat especially once you do omega and steal the massive detonate power that I can never remember the name of but aria uses.
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I don’t get it… no shade on Mark Meer but Jennifer Hale’s voice performance *is* Mass Effect for me.

Interesting that survivor was the most popular background. Admittedly that was mine as well, but hey, when they start the game being like “Would you like to be Ripley in Aliens, or Rico in Starship Troopers?” I’m a bit surprised that it was split.

Ashley can suck a space racist’s toe, my precious Vancouver baby Kaidan might be bland as fuck but he made me sushi so, protecc

Edit: the war hero background is probably more like Sheridan from B5. I love how ME is just a goulash of sci fi old and new.

And if I didn’t already love Liara enough, when I first saw Singularity in LotSB I was like “Holy shit she’s Orlandu.”
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