MCU Black Widow Movie

Gary Caelum

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Gary Caelum
Should've made it at least 5 years ago.

The only problem I see is that they can't include any other main heroes, except maybe Barton, because they're all significantly more powerful than she is. Can't overshadow the main hero of the movie.


Disclaimer: I'm not a comic book nerd.

It doesn't have to be a superhero movie; afaik she's the femme fatale / spy type, and there's plenty of really good non-superhero movies in that genre. I wouldn't mind a good thriller in the MCU universe, something a bit less bombastic and over the top than the previous ones.

Plus I'm a sucker for origin stories.


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I can't agree more!!! A good thriller will be perfect!
Just wish they don't make black widow into another WW or Captain Marvel. Not saying that those are bad, but it is wasting a good, complicated story/character if they do that.


Chloe Frazer
That looks really good which just makes me even angrier that this movie didn't come out 2 or 3 years ago when it actually takes place. Or you know years and years ago since Black Widow has been in the MCU longer than any Avenger sans Tony. But how nice it is that the original female Avenger will finally get her solo movie released 10 years after her introduction and
a year after getting stuffed in the fridge.
Amazing progress Marvel.

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Her solo movie definitely should have come sooner, but I don't think this is a fitting context to invoke
Ye Olde Fridge. That was a great moment for her, and one of the best in the film: true to the character, entirely of her own agency, and serving the larger plot while organically serving her own story and playing relevantly into several of her teammates' stories without just being there to serve as manpain.

Easily one of my favorite plot points in "Endgame," even if I'm still sad over it. I dare say even that it's one of the most well-constructed parts -- perhaps even more than Tony's similar move.
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