MCU Morbius

Ergo, V

As much as I now loathe Jared Leto for his portrayal of the Joker in suicide squad I do have to admit he is a talented actor when left to get on with it.
I read a few articles regarding the production and learnt he did his usual method acting to really try and sell his character which also involved spending a lot of time talking to and getting feedback from people who are suffering from varying conditions that affect their mobility, this also led to him donating a large amount of money into research so I suppose even if the film flops there is a bit of good that came out of this.

Anyway in relation to the trailer it's an interesting one, on the one hand this is an honest attempt at making Morbius into the comic book version that was written as opposed to the old Spiderman series version where he just suction cups folk and steals plasma. There are some really nice MCU tie ins hidden in the trailer also including graffiti of Spiderman with the tag "Murderer" written across his body.

I don't mind the visuals of the trailer so much as this does seem to be a well budgeted MCU film I just hope the plot stands up also without the need of relying on existing MCU characters to bolster it.

Also prepare for know he's comin.
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