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The Man, V
In this forum tradition we give a specific member a thread for a week in which they can share whatever information they want about themselves, then answer whatever questions the public asks them. It's sort of an expansion on the "Let's get to know each other" thread by, well, giving one member the spotlight. More information on the concept can be found here.

This week's participant is [member=97]Gabriel[/member], who has elected to share the following information:

Hey my name is Gabe! Not really but that's ok everyone thinks it is anyway :D
I'm not sure what to put here so I'll just confuse you with bad grammar. I'm a MexiGerman Minnesotan from Texas who works as a supervisor at a Call center. I'd name drop the company but they are pretty anal and their googlefu is top tier I will say though if you subscribe to their service in the U.S. you're over paying and you expect a 5% increase in your bill every February. Don't call in asking for supervisors I'm just a glorified stat tracker :<

I used to post here. Well I still do but I used to as well :P
Feel free to ask whatever you'd like. This thread will be up for approximately a week before we move onto our next participant. :monster:

The G'randiest' Daddy

Teh Bunneh of Doom
Favourite non-FF game?

Favourite non-FF world to live in?

Early to bed, or late sleeper?

You're convicted of a crime you didn't commit and sentenced to death, what are your last words, last person you ask to see, and last meal?

Top 5 anime?

Top 5 books? (Or series)

Pick any one character from FF7 (and/or the compilation) for a room-mate, tell us why them?

What's your ultimate dream job?

What's one big life dream you would like to achieve, but realistically have come to accept is unlikely, due to your own choices/circumstances/talents/etc.?

What's one big life goal you want to achieve, and think that you still can?

If you have to entertain yourself for 1 hour using a stick, a spring, and a bowl of water, what would you do?

Tough choices section - pick only one (these might not be tough for everyone, ):
FF7OG and ACC, or CC and Last Order?
Star Wars Odds, or Evens?


Joe, Arcana
What weapon do you wield in battle, what makes yours stand out from the others, what do you call it and finally what role do you play in an epic action adventure?


Pro Adventurer
Favourite non-FF game?
Ill split this up into a handful genres as its kind of a hard one to pin point.

RPG: Xenogears. Even with its flaws it's such a good game, AND you get a free anime on Disc 2? Win win :P

platform thingy: Ratchet and Clank series fosho. This series just has to much charm to not be mentioned. Sly cooper has to get an honorable mention as well. I'd love to put Jak and Daxter in the running but I always got motion sick playing them.

Games with guns : Either Killzone 3 because even though it was short as hell the online was a really different and fun experience and the story did such a good job switching things up and not feeling like just a FPS. That or TLoU.

Early to bed, or late sleeper?
Both depending on work. Parts of the year I also teach new hires and sometimes I get tossed on a really screwed up class schedule.

You're convicted of a crime you didn't commit and sentenced to death, what are your last words, last person you ask to see, and last meal?
"Check your multicellular privileges"
Probably my mom.
And a burrito from Chipotle. Extra Guac son.

I'm stopping this quote junk lol.

Top 5 anime in no particular order.

1: Jk Number 1 is definitely Gurren Lagann
2:Kaze no Stigma
c) Devile is a part Timer
4: Ghost Hunt
5 : Zoids (the run with Cloud and the Liger Zero)

Books :

Percy Jackson
Harry Potter
Twilight :P
The Giver

FF7 roomy : Red. Catdogs seem like they aren't that high maintenance.

Ultimate dream job : Twitch streamer who gets paid as much as one of the League pros. Have you seen their checks? Those pay outs are ridiculous.

Unrealistic life dream : This ones kind of hard. Not to be boring but I don't really have like huge aspirations that just cant happen lol. I like to live and think with in my means and it keeps me pretty happy (and secure yay!). I think anything i could come up with would be a long the lines of like a really long sabbatical and travelling. Since I really wrecked my late teens and early 20's I just cant afford to not work now a days lol.

Life goal : I'd love to open some sort of Taco/Burrito restaurant lol.
The catch is doing it somewhere where that type of mexican food is underrepresented.
Chipotle really fucked me over on this one! lol.

Seriously though one day I'd like to figure out how to get a comic I've been working on here and there over the years published. It's unique in a "This story hasn't been done in 15 years!" kind of way lol. Getting your foot in that kind of game is kind ambiguous(?) though or maybe my googlefu is low tier. I havent been able to figure out how to contact the right people even at a lower end publishing house to talk about it and pitch it.

Stick thing : Uhhh lol. I'd try to balance on the spring while holding up the bowl of water with a stick? :P

Tough choices section.

2edgy4me dont cut yourself on my edddge part coming up.
Not tough at all I don't like FF7 :P So i'll just pick the OG as its probably the most well done.

Star Wars. You are the devil. Satan Incarnate. THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU.

Evens just because it has the most choices from the second half. Though I really hate missing out on Empire :<

Real talk though. Watch Turn to the Dark side. Its a fan edit based on Topher graces recut of the prequel trilogy. It cuts out all the crap, repaces the 3 films and places them in a feature length time frame. Very well done and makes the prequel trilogy much more manageable. It used to be on Vimeo but IIRC I've only been abke to find it on Kickass torrents.


I wield the neckbearded fedora bullet gun! Every time I pull the trigger it tips its trilby for m'lady and makes you wince in pain from the hefty dose of cringe coming your way.

In an adventure I'd definitely be what ever the heck Oolong was in group heirarchy Dragon Ball :P

That or Charlie from Its always sunny. WILD CARD BITCHES.

You face a trial by combat. Who do you pick as your champion? Or would you fight your own battle?

What is your favourite nut and/or legume?

You have 5 days to think of a draft proposal for a collection of artwork? What would be the theme you choose for said collection, having confidence that you could write a citation-filled 2000 word essay on it in 5 weeks? (This question is open to anyone :awesome:... j/k).


Chloe Frazer
Gabe! :reptar:

Have you ever played Dragon Age?

Have you ever seen Avatar: The Last Airbender?

How's the Español?


Pro Adventurer
"You face a trial by combat. Who do you pick as your champion? Or would you fight your own battle?"

I'd choose Mac from Its always Sunny. He'd give the combatant an ocular pat down and then wreck him.

Nuts : Not a big fan of any =/ The only "nut" type of stuff I like is in resees and pb and j.

3rd question :

@Carly : :reptar:

1. Nope sorry :o
2. Yeah. Great movie
^Your face as you read this

3. My spanglish is top tier when spoken. Hilariously bad when written :D


Yes. The pros dont out weigh the cons and it makes a lot of trivial nuisances a big annoyance (mmmm paper work). My close friends already call me Gabe/Gabriel IRL so its just easier to let people know the deal then to have the government recognize it xD


Octo, Octorawk, Clarky Cat, Kissmammal2000
Have you considered a MexiGerman fusion restaurant? If so what would you call it?


Pro Adventurer

Umm Baron Von Botana lol. And nope never thought about that till now. I'm German from my dads side of the family but we were never really brought up with like German culture or food stuff so I wouldn't really know how to make german cuisine xD


Return of the Dead-eye
Calling it German cuisine seems wrong. :lol: It's food, dammit, delicious, stodgy oh-so-bad food. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Are there any adrenalin-junkie adventures you'd like to do before you shuffle off the mortal coil?

What was the last bit of gfx work you made? Why haven't you made me a sig yet? :P
What games are you currently playing?
You have a rare incurable metastatic cancer in your arm. Do you: 1) amputate straight away; 2) try out medical treatment first to try and save your arm, 3) ignore science and use some "alternative" method?

You are forced to choose between living in either IS-controlled areas of Iraq and Syria or North Korea with 100% certainty you will survive your ordeal no matter your selection. Who would you prefer to live with?


Return of the Dead-eye
I feel that such dire questions need a foil!

Would you rather live with the Playboy bunnies or a singular female who can cook and is into gaming? This assumes that you'll get consensual action either way since you're suave like that. :P
You find a winning lottery ticket on the street and shove it in your pocket 'cos you're in a hurry. Hours later, you're relaxing in a bar and chatting to a fab lady who wants to give you her number. You have pen but no paper (the bar has a serious lack of writing materials) and writing on the ticket will invalidate it, but if you write on your hand you'll sweat it off. This is an old-school dilemma, so no mobile phone cop-out - what do you do?


Pro Adventurer
Calling it German cuisine seems wrong. :lol: It's food, dammit, delicious, stodgy oh-so-bad food.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Are there any adrenalin-junkie adventures you'd like to do before you shuffle off the mortal coil?
I'd probably go to South Korea it seems like a pretty cool place. Though I've been told North Korea is Best Korea :monster:

I always wanted to drop in on the Mega Ramp

Though since it would probably murder me I'd request to try doing it whilst on my death bed. Screw the skateboard ill go deathbed and all :monster:

GFX : I very recently made an overlay for a LoL streamer on twitch.

Currently I mostly play Diablo 3 and WoW. Though when Bloodborne ill be playing that a ton.

@Ghost, which arm?

Left arm take it away. Right arm ill try everything I can before cutting it lol.

North Korea is best Korea :monster:

@Mage. Gamer girl ofcourse ofcourse lol
Im gonna have to take the winning lotto ticket lol.


Pro Adventurer
1. Ill grab them on pc sometime and try it out xD
2. Ive seen some episodes here and there but never really gave it a fair shake. I should sometime.

3. True lol.
What got you into doing cool graphic stuff?

Why haven't you pursued this further?

How many times a year can I ask for a new sig graphic from you?

Since you have no huge work based aspirations, where do your aspirations lie? Family? Travel? Knowledge? Tacos?

What kind of clothes do you wear? Pls describe your sense of fashion.

There's a party, who & where are you? The Limelight, the deep talker, the lover, the arguer, the shoulder being cried on, the fighter, the drinker, the weird one (if so why), this music obsessed on/dj, the host, the entertainer, other?

Are you into long term relationships or one night stands or two week wonders?

Do you have any pets? Why/not? What would/do you have?

What keeps you here on TLS?


Pro Adventurer
1. Scott/ L

2. I used to really enjoy it but its just not something I'm a huge fan of anymore. I keep up with trends and stuff when it comes to graphic work and practice here and there but its not something I can see working at day in and out. Plus I've been told by a few friends in various sections of the biz that its pretty easy to get fucked over (people commissioning work, using it briefly , and then not paying for it saying " I didn't like it" despite commissioning a ton of hours of work) or not very stable.

3. Any time.

4. Definitely Tacos. I'd like to go back to school but this center is not a fan of working with school schedules (Wtf right?). I blew through a decent portion of my savings trying to make that whole youtube thing work a few years ago so I'm just saving up again these days.

Travel would be cool. I'd like to check out some other countries authentic food sometimes you gotta wonder just how botched restaurants get the food around here xD

5. I used to dress right out of JGL's closet. Lately I just put on what ever and totally half ass it :P

6. The mingler :P

7. Long term.

8. 2 cats : Fiddlesticks and her son Wallace whom are 2 orange thingers. I have no idea the breed of cat but they are awesome and really well behaved.
Rescued Fiddlesticks like a year and half ago, my friend found her as a kitten outside of his house and gave her away due to not being a cat person. A few months ago she had Wallace I had no idea she had even snuck out once much less was pregnant. He was the only kitten in the litter too lol.

9. It honestly used to be the drama lol. It was pretty funny though eventually I got tired of it and stopped coming all together.

Now a days its the members. Final Fantasy news or theory crafting hasn't really been something I've been interested for a very long time lol.
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