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Member Spotlight #35: Ask Matthewtheman anything


Paladin of Voltron
Sort of, though we aren't dating (mainly due to me going off to college soon and her still being in high school, meaning a relationship would be hard).

What information would you like to know about her?
How did you meet?

What do you have in common?

What would you say is the thing you like most about her?

Do you guys play video games together?

EDIT: Oops sorry Aaron, didn't see. :P

Superpowers? Which is your favorite to have? What power would your arch-enemy have?
Probably transforming, that way, if I ever needed a certain power, I could transform into something with that power, which basically gives me access to all superpowers. My arch enemy wouldn't have superpowers, they'd be a non-powered arch-enemy, like The Joker or Lex Luthor.
How did you meet?
It was at a wrestling tournament. Me and her brother were both on the wrestling team, and it was our home tournament, and she and her best friend had come to support our wrestling team(and get community service hours) by helping in the kitchen. I was crushing pretty hard on her best friend at the time, and the two of them would occasionally come to the gym to watch the matches, and I went over and talked to them when they did(mainly as an excuse to talk to her best friend).
What do you have in common?
We both like theatre, dancing, MirandaSings, and each other, to give a few examples.
What would you say is the thing you like most about her?
Probably the fact that she's always nice to me and is an attractive girl that's actually attracted to me.
Do you guys play video games together?
No, but that could change.
EDIT: Oops sorry Aaron, didn't see. :P
It's fine, I'll answer any questions I'm asked at any time. And don't worry Ghost, I'll get around to answering your string of images.
Fixing the internet.:monster:
All the Pokemon I own that aren't currently part of my team.:trainermon:
I think I'm Matt, and I think you're two random dudes I've never heard of.

I dunno.
I think you blinked, too.
Why don't you ask Dora?
I care.
Cause you're Morgan motherfucking Freeman.
Rerail the train.
Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality...
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