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Member Spotlight #39: Ask Starling anything

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Have you traveled much inside Canada and what would be your favorite location?
I've mostly been around Ontario and Quebec. I'm not sure where I'd say my favorite location would be but Algonquin park has a lot of nice places. Not surprising considering it's a really big provincial park. The main way through has plenty of trails with scenic views, plenty of opportunity to see wildlife (particularly moose) and this massive blueberry patch that used to be an air field. Québec seems to do a good job maintaining its historical buildings and cobblestone streets. Québec city had this church that collapsed, leaving only the front.

What are you studying in school?
Essentially, animal care.

Favorite ATLA character. Same with LoK.
I like Zuko and Iroh, as well as Lin and Tenzin.
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