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Do elaborate. :awesome:

It involved the stripper sitting on me in a particular way, as she successfully investigated my own anatomy, whilst I was blinded due to aforementioned particular-ness. Fortunately no public humiliation was involved :awesome:. It could be argued by the conservatives and other sex-negative folk amongst us that my dignity was gone for even finding myself in that situation, but it was a buck's night :P.

What kinds of ideas do you have for future books?

I'd like to continue with the world described in the two stories I linked before, investigating other areas. The world itself is a combination of worlds, which were once separate stories of their own. I decided to mix 'em up into one work. Here's a list of stories I have in mind from that universe, so to speak. Lol, spoilers.

- An orphaned magic-user (I call witches in this story, because there are several kinds of different magic in this world, not because they have an affiliation with wicca, etc :P) is brought up on a magic-tolerant island that is completely ignorant of the rest of the world. She foresees a future lover in battle (who is currently a stranger to her) during a dream. Along with her insanely jealous rival, she is sent off the island in a perilous coming-of-age ceremony for the foreign-born (lots of magic babies wash up at this place, etc, well-intentioned population control measure :P), where she accidentally ends up in the region of her birth where magic is forbidden. She meets up with a bunch of other people from various cultures in her journey, and they travel to other regions of the planet, where they find out some revelations (like competing international spy networks that have bugged everyone). They also learn about the origins of their world, and meet the witch progenitor, who is a sympathetic villain that wants to ultimately supplant the divine creator (resulting in the potential of lots of world destruction). I'm currently flirting with the idea that the entire journey is a cruel setup for the protagonist, where as previously I only had her foreseen stranger/lover betray her. She's already a broken character at the beginning of the story, so I want to explore the depths of her sanity :P. The person she trusts the least, ends up being right, etc. A trope done to death, but I don't care :awesome:.

- There are regions of the world, which seem like empty chasms that go all the way down to the centre of the planet, but are rather actual places only accessible via dreaming. One story takes place inside of this dream world. The "god" (which I call the Dream Weaver) responsible for the place's existence doesn't know about the outside world, and is very xenophobic to those that enter it. In the story, he's presented as a character for the protagonist to protect, so there is a bit of moral ambiguity. All the evils in this dream world are caused by how the Dreamweaver perceives his surroundings. The main antagonist is (naturally) the Nightmare Weaver, who was originally banished for no good reason, and becomes evil out of festering hatred (much like the evil witch in the previous story). Another antagonist is a rival lucid dreamer, living out his fantasies, and being pissed off that the Dream Weaver has issues with his existence :P. There's also a lot of other sub-plots with various other characters.

- Another story takes place in another area isolated from the rest of the world; the god of which has died, and in death, has split up into several incarnates, each sharing a specific element. Whilst the incarnates are alive, the world suffers from a lack of what their particular element is, eg: The death incarnate existence prevents people from dying, the water incarnate existence prevents the water cycle, the life incarnate prevents new generations of life coming about, the fire incarnate prevents new fires, etc. The region the story takes place in is thus pretty barren and depressing. All these incarnates are innocent children, who develop their powers during puberty. People connect the dots and want to kill them or experiment on them for the greater good, and most are pretty resistant to the idea. The protagonists are not on their side. Moral ambiguity and crises ahead. Woo. Fortunately some of the incarnates are less likeable, because they let their powers get to their head, making the job of ridding them easier. Once again, there are sub-plots, and revelations to the larger story arc.

- Another story follows the adventures of a student in a warrior academy. The entire school is massacred, except said student, by what seemed to be a trustworthy figure. So he studies up, and learns about the legend who began the academy, who apparently could defeat any opposing force by his mere presence (body language / aura, etc). Then he ventures out into the world to get the person(s) responsible for the massacre, whilst mimicking the trials of the legend. He eventually learns the cause of a lot of problems (including the massacre) was due to the resurfacing of some sentient embodiment of order. The first time this embodiment appeared, it did so in the form of chaos back in the days of the legend, and apparently the legend didn't successfully defeat it, so the student must surpass the master in order to do so. Blah blah blah. Also, sub-plots and greater story arc revelations.

- Another story focuses on the journey of a mother, whose child is a hybrid that isn't supposed to exist. The father is basically an element required in the world's programmed renewal (by renewal, of course, the current world must be destroyed). These elements (which I've called cherubs, angels, and seraphs, for simplicity's sake) aren't supposed to be having children with normal humans, etc. The programmers are in essence scientists, and the world is their unethical experiment. So the mother joins up with a ragtag bunch of people, deals with their subplots, and then tries to prevent this renewal process from happening, which requires her baby being kept alive.

- Finally, in this universe, you basically have those with
and without will. Most people are without will, ie: they are like us, slaves to physics ;). Those with will are massively OP because they can do whatever they like, unless other people have stronger wills. They don't like to be deus ex machinas, unless their own existence is threatened, so have barely participated in the greater story arc up to this point :P. Will is even more powerful than all the world's varieties of magic (magic also submits to physics in this universe). So the final story is basically a culmination of all the other stories, full of OP characters, who must figure a way to prevent the existence of an enemy responsible for the merging of the worlds... who isn't even born yet. Time travel abounds.

- As said somewhere else, I want to do a lot more development, so I imagine a lot of these ideas above changing a lot / being fundamentally unrecognisable.

In a totally unrelated story: I'd like to write a political thriller/drama based in the real (albeit alternate) world. The protagonist being a journalist who finds out something along the lines of what conspiracy nutters believe in. That'd require a lot of research since I want to write a convincing story, and that'd require understanding the inner workings of government (particularly the Australian government :P). At least with fantasy, you can just make shit up.
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The Twilight Mexican

Ex-SeeD-ingly good
:lol: If you want good sex, never go to a prostitute.
fast sex, yes :monster: quantity not quality in that game - unless you're on a tv show exposing the secret lives of sex workers :monster:
Well, it depends. :monster:

In my experience, the ones who charge a good bit are usually only going to see one person a night anyway, so they will make it count.

Question for Ghost: Ever paid for sex? :awesome:
Well, it depends. :monster:

In my experience, the ones who charge a good bit are usually only going to see one person a night anyway, so they will make it count.
That's a different job, that's an escort. :monster:

(Also, I'm not suggesting sex with a prostitute is necessarily bad sex, it's just a set routine based on certain practicalities. So having been a sex worker doesn't automatically make you good in bed. That said, I'm not terrible in the sack.... damn dug myself a hole here eh? Oh whatever believe what you wanna believe about my sexual prowess or lack there of :monster: )

I know exactly what you mean about the buck's night Ghost, it used to be my job :monster: A whole lotta fun eh? :D

If you were intended to be married:

What would be a great buck's night for you?

And what would be the worst possible activity for you on a buck's night?

Do you feel that your life is fulfilling as it is? What would you like to do to make it more so in the next year?

Do you get Jehovah's witnesses or similar religious people at your door in Australia? How do you/would you deal with them?

Not sure if this has been asked: Who do you think would do a good job of running your country?

Also, what is your favourite fruit today? :P


Octo, Octorawk, Clarky Cat, Kissmammal2000
How long was your hair at age five?

Favoured sleeping position?

Ever stolen anything?
(Re: Pay for sex.) Would you?
The temptation is there, but numerous things put me off, besides expense. Brothels are illegal for one, but there is one in the city (just for example) that is linked to the underworld (lots of crime seems to be associated with the place), and it is also amongst government offices :awesome:. I don't think that is a coincidence either :P.

What would be a great buck's night for you?
A good group of friends, karaoke, a bit of clubbing. Strip shows don't do much for me.

And what would be the worst possible activity for you on a buck's night?
A fatogram and/or something else humiliating.

Do you feel that your life is fulfilling as it is? What would you like to do to make it more so in the next year?
My life is certainly not fulfilling. That's why I'm doing this visual arts degree. Hoping I can get somewhere in this world doing something I enjoy. I'm doing this degree until 2016, so that answers your question, hopefully :P. If things go to plan, I'll try and get a masters too, if not a doctorate. All depends on my finances, and whether uni fees will rise.

Do you get Jehovah's witnesses or similar religious people at your door in Australia? How do you/would you deal with them?
It rarely happens, since my home is set back from the street, and no one likes to walk down long creepy driveways. Those that do, I turn away pretty much instantaneously. Granted, if they were young, I might try and have a discussion. How ageist of me.

Not sure if this has been asked: Who do you think would do a good job of running your country?
Any political party that follows the Nordic model. The Australian Greens party would do an okay job, but they do things I disapprove of in policy areas (they're a very moderate party these days), and they spin things just like other political parties to save their own skin.

Also, what is your favourite fruit today? :P
Kiwi fruit :awesome:.

How long was your hair at age five?
I think it was fairly short. I possibly had a small rat's tail too (woo, mullet). I don't have easy access to photos from the era.

Favoured sleeping position?
Laying to my left in a foetal position, with lots of pillows.

Ever stolen anything?
An icecream when I was 23 *shame*.


Chloe Frazer
What are your 10 favorite characters from GoT? 10 Favorite episodes and seasons in order of favorite to least favorite.
What are your 10 favorite characters from GoT?
Roughly in this order:
1. Arya Stark
2. Tyrion Lannister
3. Brienne of Tarth
4. Tywin Lannister
5. Jon Snow
6. Syrio Forel
7. Lollys Stokeworth
8. Samwell Tarly
9. Yara Greyjoy.
10. Joffrey Baratheon

10 Favorite episodes

I don't have the time for this task :P.
All the ones where a major character dies, in order of brutality? :P

seasons in order of favorite to least favorite
1. Season 4
2. Season 3
3. Season 1
4. Season 2


Factiō Rēpūblicāna dēlenda est.
The Man, V
Note: I'm leaving this open for Ghost to post his final comments, but will archive it after he does so. :monster: I'm going ahead and posting the new thread in a moment.
Oops, I meant Bronn, not Lollys Stokeworth :awesome:. I was looking at pictures trying to remember the character's names, and Bronn's face was on Lollys Stokeworth's profile image on the site I was looking at. This is why you should question everything I say :awesome:. The others are correct though, I assure you :P.
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