Metako is speedrunning I - XIII in one sitting


Great Old One
I believe this is his second attempt to play all the single player main series games in one sitting. That's 12 games in one go. Target time is like... 3 days.

He's already finished I - XII last year, but his attempt at I - XIII in April failed because his brain stopped working and he kept dozing off without realising it X) It was painful to watch. I'm happy he realised he needed to go to bed.

But, he's at it again.

Linkage: <-- go here for the Full Interactive Twitch Experience


The Twilight Mexican

Ex-SeeD-ingly good
Not that I think anyone should be attempting such an insane thing to begin with (seriously, did no one try talking him out of this?) ... but why isn't he playing XV? =P
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