Metal Gear Solid 5 (+ General Series Thread)


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Looks like it's happening.

Though this may not be a surprise worthy of even a single exclamation point, it's welcome news to fans of cardboard camouflage, fateful fistfights, and delicious, convenient Calorie Mates.

There's going to be a Metal Gear Solid 5. And, despite his constant efforts to extricate himself from the series, Hideo Kojima is going to be in charge of it -- though it's currently unclear whether that will be in a higher-level production capacity or as director.

The news comes out of the latest Official PlayStation Magazine UK, which finds a place for Hideo right on the cover. In the issue, Kojima discusses Metal Gear Solid Rising, his plans for this newly announced (but highly expected) sequel, and a new project called "Project Ogre." Whatever it is, we're sure it's not a new Snatcher game.

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Kojima, cut the project off right now. The mission is a failure! Cut the power right now!

Honestly, you have been making these games for a long time. Don't you have anything else to do with your time?


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Whose gonna be the lead? Not Solid Snake. Can't be Big Boss. Raiden is a little unlikely given he has a game all about him, produced by another team still coming out.
I'm all for another game, just as long as I don't have to spend an entire act chasing after some target. Would be interesting to see how they continue the story. If a prequel, maybe we'll play as The Boss, and go further back into history. Introducing further new characters, leading to a further bunch of games. I think the horse is far from dead myself.


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Kojima, Its time to put down the series and live!


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Gonna have to be Gray Fox, Liquid or Solidus IMO. I would not be happy if The Boss ran into a Metal Gear predecessor in WW2. Sokolov and Grannin should be the definitive origins.
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It's going to be Meryl :monster:

I'd love to have an MGS about her Rat Patrol days, but sadly it seems Kojima prefers Raiden instead of her as a female lead :( He's more feminine than her though
That would be fucking terrible.

They ruined Meryl. Anything after MGS1 with her is garbage.


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I don't want it to be made.

Unless it's a continuity reboot. That could be interesting.
But no more fucking sequels and prequels to the existing canon, dammit.

Also, Kojima has already said a couple of times he thinks about making another one. So this isn't really news, nor is it an actual confirmation.
His plans for MGS5 could end up being a few lines like "yeah, I could make it like this or that, we will see lol"
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Is this where we find out that Vamp is yet again alive and kicking and has now created nano-nano machines that are taking hold of the la-li-lu-li-lo's big plans?
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If they can legitimately make Sunny into an interesting protagonist, suiting of MGS, that would be some amazing writing. Schizoid programming genius turned revered legendary war hero or whatever. Nah, don't see it happening.


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Kojima is totally batshit but whenever he talks there's a nugget of genius to be found
Which is more than can be said for some other developers out there :wacky:

Also, he's said multiple times that he'd like to put the series down as well (re: the Kotaku "kojima-san can stop making metal gear now") but I guess he just doesn't give a fuck either way :monster:
And much as they hackneyed Meryl I think it'd be interesting to make a game about part of her life. I mean, not as dramatic as LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES but still

Also, maybe cover Metal Gear 1 and/or 2?

btw that engine demo thing seems to be evolving into a new separate thing. Unless it doesn't. Dude is halfway between spontaneous troll and mad scientist. :awesome:


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Or how about a game with The Boss as the protagonist

set in World War II or something :awesome:
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