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We have a couple of threads for the trainwreck that was Other M, but we don't have a thread for the general series. Which, since some of the games in the series (particularly Super) rank among the best video games of all time, is a travesty and I'm remedying it.

I'm planning to replay Super and I'm thinking I may try a reverse boss order run this time just to put challenge into it that is usually sucked out by my incorrigible save state abuse. I'm wondering if anyone here has done one in the past and if so if anyone has any advice. The main challenge about this is that you have to go through Norfair and Maridia without either the Gravity or the Varia Suits, which means you have to do some damn good platforming and you have to be able to hurry through areas and kill enemies in a preset amount of time. Presumably I'll need to find as many Super Missiles, Power Bombs, Energy Tanks and Reserve Tanks as can be found before entering Norfair.

I may try Super Metroid Impossible after that if the reverse boss order run hasn't already made me pull out my hair. :monster:

Anyway discuss the series (and hacks for it, if those are to your taste) here.


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I love the Metroid series. I have enjoyed every game in the series. Wishing there was some talk of a new entry in the series, but sadly there is not.

Personally I prefer the 2d games in the series. Nothing wrong with the Prime sub-series, they are quality games and the first might be the best game on the Gamecube. The 3ds really needs a Metroid game, perhaps something that blends the two styles of the series.


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see video description for download links (including .wav) and related videos for moar similar guitar medleys of game songs

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I'd love a HD remake of the NES/SNES era Metroid games, ala Ocarina of Time's 3DS remake or the New 'n' Tasty Oddworld remake, keeping the same core gameplay with improvements to certain mechanics and new visuals and options and challenges. Don't know how likely it is to happen as Metroid's popularity seems to have fallen by the wayside a bit as of late :(


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I mean, I'm glad we have a new Prime game in development alongside a playable 3DS sidescroller now :monster:

The series so dead they resurrected it twice!

I had no idea that the series had been struggling with sales figures, to the point where Super Metroid apparently bombed in Japan. o__O

Metroid: Samus Returns is now out for Nintendo 3DS! Enjoy the reviews and gameplay footage out there :monster: I hope to play this game in the not too distant future.


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I should get Samus Returns at some point when I feel I have money to spare :monster:

Will be interesting drawing comparisons to AM2R :P

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How bad must that version have been for them to full-on cancel it?

Nintendo usually just tinker with things until it's improved. I seem to remember they even did that with the original Metroid Prime.


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I love the Metroid Series,good memories of the Prime games For gamecube (one of My favourite console).
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