Mobius Final Fantasy to end service this year


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The artists and developers for this game were extremely talented and it was one of the most unique mobile gacha games that was under the FF belt. It told an interesting story and didn't just use easily produced 16 bit nostalgia sprite art to hook people. It lasted for I think 5 years, and it's pretty sad that it's shutting down so quickly. Especially given the fact that it's not just gonna be shut down, but the game will be staked in the heart, with no single player use or enjoyment at all.

The shitty thing about these mobile games S-E makes is that when they kill them, they don't just let them go, they burn their remains so nothing of its story or elements exist. It's usually up to the fans to preserve pieces of this game and its memory. The cut throat nature of the market. Really feel bad for the players that sunk a lot of time and money in this.

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I only played MFF for about....a couple of months, when the game launched? It had a great storyline (from what I played), I really liked staring at Blank's butt and back, and the multiplayer battle system was kinda fun, but it made my phone feel like it was gonna catch on fire and drained the battery real fast, so I had to stop playing it.

....I hope this doesn't mean that FFRK is gonna close anytime soon. <_<;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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RK is churning out more of a profit than BE, despite BE having more promotions and endorsements from SE. I played BE for like a couple of months, never got Cloud, quit 5ever because TFW no Cloud.

I mean, I guess it helps that RK is more f2p friendly and has a more forgiving gacha rate than BE and does not have a tale of woe like that one whale who got himself 16k into debt because of BE
I keep expecting to hear this about RK. I was an avid RK player at the beginning, but the gatcha rates and the grind (alongside the poor coding and slow ass loading) just ended it for me.

I played Mobius for a while, but there was just nothing really gripping me about it.

I wonder if this means another FF game is possibly popping up soon ... oh the XV thing lol.
All of the mobile games generally hold my interest for a couple months, and then I move on, haha. I never even reach the point where they turn into grinds. RK was novel when it came out. BE has excellent production values, especially dat soundtrack. OO I like the PS1-y graphics, better character interactions than main Dissidia, and the fact that the gacha isn't the characters.

All neat, and less (nakedly) cynical than a lot of mobile games. But still not enough for me to get invested (emotionally, obviously not financially) for more than a couple months. But for free, they were fun little diversions.


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i had to stop playing mobius when it stopped running well on my phone and was considering trying it out again if i got a new phone, which wouldn't be for a while

and probably not before mobius ends :sadpanda:

i thought it was one of the better square mobile games, the controls were simple but some of the boss battles were challenging, it didn't just solely bank on nostalgia, except for the high level/end game stuff it didn't feel like you couldn't finish it without paying real money (although i had to stop after the first part so i don't know if the latter half changed that), the japanese voice acting was good (an english clip was posted here and i did not like it) and it had some nice music

pouring one out for this funky cait sith job theme song



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...Just as Season 2 ends and everyone is expecting Season 3...they had to go and cancel those ideas and end the game. *Sigh* Go figure.


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This game will stay in my heart

Endearing characters (Wol is a cynical badass, Meia, Echo, Graff, Sophie, Garland and even Sarah are charismatic)

Interesting twists over a reimagined FFI setting (but as you progress you also see concepts from later titles)

Challenging and fun battle system with a variety of jobs (it's harder than some mainline FFs)

The soundtrack is absolutely fantastic, best work from Mitsuto Suzuki in my opinion. It's very eclectic, and has a bit of XIII soul.

The art man, be it from the background maps, the ability and job cards, are of the highest quality (I have them all on my PC)

My hope is for an offline ver. down the road, currently finishing the final season.


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My god

The ending was absolutely the greatest, I couldn't help myself but shed a tear at the end. Glorious epic tale, this cements Mobius as one my favorite FF spin-offs.

"None shall remember the name of those who do not fight".

Farewell, Mobius.
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