Most Memorable final area of Final Fantasy

Which final area of FF was the most memorable?

  • Shrine of Chaos

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  • Pandemonium

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  • The World of Darkness

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  • The Moon

    Votes: 1 2.4%
  • The Dimensional Rift

    Votes: 2 4.8%
  • Kefka's Tower

    Votes: 4 9.5%
  • The Northern Crater

    Votes: 5 11.9%
  • Ultimecia's Castle

    Votes: 14 33.3%
  • Memoria and The Crystal World

    Votes: 11 26.2%
  • Inside Sin

    Votes: 5 11.9%
  • Sky Fortress Bahamut

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slow down, you crazy child
kimmyowns, Oxydox
Jeez, now I wanna play some FF... FFVII's was pretty awesome. It's too bad Seph's pretty easy after Knights Of The Round. :awesome:

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Come on people, Ultimecia's place was an old and "abandoned" castle in ruins. It doesn't even make sense within the story, considering the fact it was located in a future(a time with more high advanced technology than friggin Esthar) ruled by Ultimecia(she could be in a much better place than that).

It's like the president of the USA moving from the White House to a cavern. It doesn't make sense.
Whether it makes sense or not is irrelevant. It's cool as shit. She obviously wanted to be there.
Not Sure - guess the movie.
I'd go with Kefka's Tower because it's the only one I remember much of other than the IV Moon and Inside Sin.

Ahaha, those are the ones I can only remember fully too, only add Ulty's castle lol
Kefka's Tower, IV Moon and Sin :sigh: Too bad I've never played IX to know what the last place was for it.


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Tim, Ryu
The last place for FFIX was the collective unconscious of reality, the source of all reality, and the afterlife, at various points.

Memoria and the crystal world were awesome.

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How Kuja managed to find his way there I have no idea :monster: It's not like he owned it as with Kefka and Ultimecia.
Garland seemed to know a lot about Memoria.

Maybe the people from Gaia knew about it and how to acess it. Kuja probably used that knowledge to enter Memoria and he probably used something in the Iifa Tree to do so.


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With the destruction of Terra, he used the power of Gaia's crystal to gain access to it since he was literally at the planet's center when he bombed the place. It's probably why Memoria's entrance was spawned right above the "Soul Divider"...the Ifa Tree.


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I have to go with the Inside of Sin--I just loved the whole sequence of events at the very end, and the settings and music, even the enemies.

Memoria and the Crystal World is a close second for being just FUN in its messed up way.


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Raq, Raquel.
I'm saying Inside of Sin because it made me confused as hell and the music was really creeping me out and making me feel the suspense.
Hmmm... Let's see...

Chaos Shrine was good storyline wise. I mean, travelling 2000 years in the past, that was something! But other than that, the place looked too "normal", being a "nice castle". It deserves recognition for being the first one, though...

Pandemonium, on the other hand, looked "stunning" even on its NES version. And relating it to the storyline, it was nice. Going to hell to battle with the Emperor... it was good, maybe better than back at FFI.

The World of Darkness on FFIII didn't really place a lasting impression on me. I don't think it was bad, but it was not impressive, whereas the game was not bad at all.

The moon! Ah, classic FFIV!! Who wouldn't love it. It was good back then, and it's good now. Relating it to the storyline, it's nice because as far as I recall... technically you could say it's the only final dungeon not taking place in "the planet" (where all dimensional things would be 'outside' the planet...).

The Dimensional Rift was pretty good, it was confusing, but good. I liked it quite a lot in general, although I see a pattern of blue-looking final dungeons, from 2 to 5...

Kefka's tower was daaamn long! It was annoying back at the time I did it, with all the different groups moving around, etc. but looking back, it was really well thought. It deserves a "good mark". The looks didn't impress me that much. It was ok, but too mechanical for my taste.

What can we say about Final Fantasy VII? Of course, the deepest hole you will ever see! The music is cool, and while the first part was somewhat long, it really made you feel like you were slowly creeping towards the end of the game, and at the last bit, it even made you feel the sense of "gotta rush it!", so it was good.

Classy Ultimecia! Great great Castle. It's unavoidable that it reminds me of FFVI, although the place is, of course, very different. It was nicely designed, and great organ music.

Final Fantasy IX's Memoria and Crystal World were a top final dungeon for a quite good game. It also gave me the same feeling as FFVII, slowly moving towards the end of the game. Too bad it was ruined with an "out of the blue" final boss.

Final Fantasy X, Inside Sin. Good, it didn't bother me. I admit that, when I reached the point where I was to go there, I was confused. Didn't know whether it would turn out to be good or not. In the end, the mood was really well set up, so it was good also because it surprised me in a good way.

And the Bahamut... just no. I entered the dungeon and avoided to fight with anyone and kept running around until I got to Gabranth, just because I didn't feel like being there, and wanted to finish the game already. If it was a movie, it would be a perfect place. Flying Fortress, and all that. But... didn't convince me. Not at all.

So, if I was to choose, I would be torn between FFVII, FFIX, and FFX, and out of all those, I would probably choose IX. I think it was really really good. (not to mention Quina swimming in the air!)


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My favourite would have to be The Moon it was the place where you got some of the best weapons and armour in the game, I loved fighting the battles during it and it was tricky enough to navigate through, I had to use warp a couple of times to try and figure out where I was going or back track the area to check I hadn't missed anything.

My honourable mention goes out to The Northern Crater it was the first final dungeon I'd been through, was fun to navigate, plus you had the multiple choice of routes to take to get your final destination and you picked up some really excellent items through it.
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Hrmmm... I'd say the Vegnagun since X-2's the only game I actually finished. XII got boring but I might return to it someday. I'm trying to get X from my friends because I have to agree with myself, I love the game. : (

I'm tempted to try VIII on the old PS1 and VII on the PS3.


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Memoria and The Crystal World is definately my favourite. I like how disjointed everything was. Ultimecia's Castle, Kefka's Tower, and the Dimensional Rift are all tied for second for me.


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Memoria and the Crystal World... it's always stuck with me, if only because you have to face clones of the last four bosses on your way to the final boss. :monster:
Not familiar with the early FF dungeons, since I haven't played those games, but from FFVII onward, I'd have to say my favourite is Ultimecia's Castle. For an average FF game, it was one of the best things to come out of it. Very challenging going through it for the first couple of times, not knowing what to do. I didn't even try defeating Omega Weapon cos I couldn't work out the puzzle until I played the game about 8 years after I personally owned it. My friend's game I was playing it on, he had high level characters, and I had heard he's easier to defeat if you don't level at all, so I didn't bother wasting my time.

Second favourite is Memoria n' such. Pretty straight forward final dungeon but I just liked the look of it.
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