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Mr. Ite
Hey guys! This September is going to be my 10th year being a Dungeon Master for D&D. My personal campaign setting has forced me to tinker with the rules of AD&D 2e and (ever since it came out) 5e. I've done a lot of rule tinkering over the years and have always wanted to try to create a materia system for tabletop RPGs. Without further ado

The Book of Materia (beta)

Edit 2: updated with the beta link. Some images are still copyright, so don't sell it. Feedback is always welcome!
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Part 1 Page 3: It looks like there's a column on the right that's completely cut-off when displayed, because the center column of blank space is too wide. I was able to C&P it, but on the page, only 3-4 letters at the start are displayed at the far right of the page.

Guns are widely used by the military. Anyone with the soldier background is proficient with firearms. If a PC wishes, they may replace one tool proficiency from their background with proficiency with firearms.
Firearms use special ammunition, and some of them have the burst fire or reload property.
Ammunition. The ammunition of a firearm is destroyed upon use. Bullets can be purchased in clips of 10.
Burst Fire. A weapon that has the burst fire property can make a normal single-target attack, or it can spray a 10-foot cube area within normal range with shots. Each creature in the area must make succeed on a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or take the weapon's normal damage. This action uses ten pieces of ammunition.
Reload. A limited number of shots can be made with a weapon that has the reload property. A character must then reload it using an action or a bonus action (the character's choice.)
Materia Slots
A materia slot is fairly straightforward in its design: a round cage meant to hold a fully developed materia crystal. These can be sold as hanging baubles or (more popularly) they can be inlaid inside armor or weaponry. Either way, a basic, un-adorned materia slot costs 5 gil. Expert jewellers craft ornate materia slots that are prized art objects inandof themselves - these cost significantly more.

Grenades are commonly used by the military.
Gunpowder is chiefly used to propel a bullet out of the barrel of a pistol or rifle, or it is formed into dynamite. Gunpowder is sold in small wooden kegs and in water-resistant powder horns.
Setting fire to a container full of gunpowder can cause it to explode, dealing fire damage to creatures within 10 feet of it (3d6 for a powder horn, 7d6 for a keg). A successful DC 12 Dexterity saving throw halves the damage. Setting fire to an ounce of gunpowder causes it to flare for 1 round, shedding bright light in a 30-foot radius and dim light for an additional 30 feet.
As an action, a creature can light a stick of dynamite and throw it at a point up to 60 feet away. Each creature within 5 feet of that point must make a DC 12 Dexterity saving throw, taking 3d6 bludgeoning damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.
A character can bind sticks of dynamite together so they explode at the same time. Each additional stick increases the damage by 1d6 (to a maximum of 10d6) and the burst radius by 5 feet (to a maximum of 20 feet).

Super neat stuff though. I've been working on a ton of homebrewing stuff in Evernote lately, and I might have to go over to the Home Brewery to just toss it all down in a nice format, so thanks for inadvertently linking me ta that! :monster:

X :neo:
Mr. Ite
Yeah Homebrewery is a wonderful concept and it's clear that the (solo!) programmer is pouring their heart and soul into it. It is buggy though, so I'm mostly keeping my work on a Word Doc from here. When I get the rest of the magic spells done I'll upload the doc on google or sommat and link it here.

Happy to acquaint you with Homebrewery though! The more users, the more support I'm sure the site will get. I use it for campaign handouts mostly. Some of my brews for my original setting:

Overview of House Rules
Prestige Class ELF
Bard College of the Magpie

Edit: thanks for the heads up on that formatting error. I tried to fix it on my phone and it looks like I jammed up the whole thing :/


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I'm tinkering around the edges a bit on materia in D&D. Mostly I'm thinking about using a modified version of D&D 3.5's power stone system. But instead of becoming a useless orb/chunk of crystal after one or more uses, materia allows you manifest/cast psionic powers/spells* as if you knew them. As long as those powers are on your class list and you're high enough level to cast them, ect. If you have no levels in a manifesting class, or if that manifesting class doesn't have those powers on it's power list, you instead gain a number of uses of that spell long rest, short rest, quick rest or encounter, based upon your level. Materia must be fitted onto a weapon, armor or other piece of equipment, and can only be attuned or replaced once every full rest. Also, you can't stack power uses from multiple pieces of materia. This isn't Dark Souls people.

*This is assuming that you just reflavor psionic powers as spells, as I do.
Mr. Ite
I'm happy to announce that as of today, THE VARIANT IS DONE.

Not everyone is gonna agree with the changes I've made (summons are more like Aeons, some materia and spells are missing/replaced) but hopefully it'll be a fun thing to try out at your gaming table. I'm starting a playtest of it now, we might podcast it.

Would anyone like to host the pdf? I don't know shit about the internets (*harrumph wheeze and so forth*)
Mr. Ite
The alpha test of my D&D variant: "The Book of Materia" was a great success! I played with two teams of 5, a Saturday crew and a Monday crew. One team was pro-Shinra, one team was pro-AVALANCHE. I ran a "Rogue One" like story, where Team AVALANCHE was trying to steal the blueprints for a Mako Reactor while Team Shinra was trying to hunt them down and stop them. Team AVALANCHE wound up in Wall Market, where someone knocked out Don Corneo and stole information from his desk. Team Shinra fought a Hell House in the slums, and met up with a Turk in a safe house in Sector 5 (guess which one). It all ended in a climactic battle in the lobby of Shinra HQ, a 5-on-5 death match!

One character stacked purple materia and was dual-wielding scimitars with insane, Final Fantasy level epicness. Another character stole a red materia from a store and summoned a Tonberry onto the battlefield. We recorded the sessions and are editing them into a podcast right now.

I'm compiling feedback from the players and will be making adjustments to the rules over the next few months. I probably won't have it ready for KupoCon: Pomtropolis (which was my initial intent). The next phase of the project will be an open beta, which of course I'll post here. For now, though, I'm back to tinkering with regular D&D. If you're interested, here is my Dark Crystal inspired gelfling race for 5e.


That's some tl;dr detailed shit, I approve :monster:. Want us / are you okay with us to publish a thing about it on the front page / facebook / etc? And do you have an official site for discussion etc?

I mean I'm not going to write it because I know fuck-all about D&D and shit, but, just putting it out there.
Mr. Ite
That’s an idea! Maybe when the full release is out. I want to replace the last of the copyright images and get some feedback from any beta testers.
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