New Dissidia Arcade Game (NT)


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At the moment only a few things are known:

- It's for arcades (who are they kidding, this is too big a money maker to not bring to consoles)
- It has 3v3 gameplay
- Y'sholta is in
- Dem graphics
- They'll reveal more in April
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They better figure out an extra subtitle, or gamers will be really confused when this arcade game has the exact same name as the first PSP Dissidia game. Though I can imagine that if the game stays limited to the arcade (which would be batshit insane of course) Square might not bother with adding a subtitle to the logo.


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Even if it's just download only, please bring it to consoles. With some proper multiplayer. I'm grossly excited for this, my psp died so I haven't been able to play Dissidia for awhile but I always enjoy it even if I'm completely rubbish at anything remotely resembling a fighting game. Hopefully FFXV will be out so we can have a character from there.

Hopefully they have more then 2 characters from VI, IX, and XIII(Snow & Caius).
I'm hoping for Caius as the proper villain from the XIII series, and either Celes or Locke. I'm a bigger fan of Locke, but Celes is definitely the other half of VI. Y'sholta is the mehest of FFXIV, but that just might be me not liking miquotes.

If this is a prequel, I hope they don't cut out Tifa or any other characters. Lorewise they have a reason to leave them out since they could have just been summoned during the 12th cycle. That would make me... really sad. I mained Tifa.
The psp games were based on the main series, ignoring their expanded media...hopefully this one breaks that.

Though i'm not gonna get to excited until theres an english console release.

A valentines day announcement...obviously that means Vincent is included.


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dat terra model, dat cloud model! Psyched about this. Not sure about the XIV rep, but Prishe grew on me so I'll shut up.


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do western countries still have arcades, i cant remember the last time i even saw one

i have faith it will be on consoles because otherwise i would be sad :sadpanda:

there were some minor things mentioned at the announcement (not much because there were none of the developer staff there):

- the arcade version has a different world/set up than the previous two games, and the battle system has been revamped so it's a totally new game

- the key visual image of the warrior of light is the actual game model and not cg

- warrior of light's armour is all damaged, but the reason why is a secret (lol thanks square)
I know there aren't many arcades in the US, it's a dying business. That said, I've been told that with a lot of concentrated effort, the west coast does have some success with keeping arcades alive, but the east coast it's pretty much gone. Kinda sad.

I wonder that because if it's an arcade, there's going to be even less story. Not there was much of it, or if it was even really good, but it would be nice to have. I thought 012 was a lot better than the original Dissidia, even if it was still silly.

Yeah, Terra was really badass in this trailer. ...blonde hair notwithstanding...
About time. Terra's kind of gotten the short stick of characterization in the games, imo.


do western countries still have arcades, i cant remember the last time i even saw one
Not really; the few ones I've seen are like random racing games from 5-10 years ago, maybe the odd House of the Dead or whatever, also pretty aged. And never as a primary business. Most arcade-like things are those grappling hook thingies that only actually grapple once a certain income goal has been achieved, or other things that occasionally reward you with shit you don't need. And off course the fruit machines or whatever they're called in pubs.


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By the looks of things, this was just a game engine demonstration, since they were pitting heroes against heroes.

The fact that they used Cornelia's forest as the backdrop makes for a nice choice since it shows all kinds of trees and environment that wasn't really possible in the older games.

Movelists don't seem to have changed much for returning characters, though the spells seem a lot bigger/detailed/more explosive. We'll see what else they have planned.

I do hope they still keep the 1v1 battles the original had, with single assists/EX Mode/EX Burst Attacks.

Also, I'm hoping they feature Lightning's different "forms" (Knight of the Goddess / Bhunivelze' servant, etc), and maybe even give us some lesser known characters.

My FF wishlist right off the bat:

Princess Sarah (FFI)
Red Mage (FFI)
Leonhart (FFII)
Xande (FFIII)
Ceodore (FFIV)
Dr. Lugae (FFIV)
Faris (FFV)
Enkidu (FFV)
Shadow/Interceptor (FFVI)
Cyan (FFVI)
Celes (FFVI)
Gogo* (FFVI)
Zack (FFVII)
Vincent (FFVII)
Genesis (FFVII)
Weiss (FFVII)
Rosso (FFVII)
Kadaj (FFVII)
Seifer (FFVIII)
Rinoa (FFVIII)
Freya (FFIX)
Amarant (FFIX)
Beatrix (FFIX)
Seymour (FFX)
Paine (FFX-2)
Eald'narche (FFXI)
Promathia (FFXI)
Lady Lilith (FFXI)
Balthier (FFXII)
Cid/Venat (FFXII)
Judge of Wings (FFXII:RW)
Feolthanos (FFXII:RW)
Serah (FFXIII-2)
Noel Kreiss (FFXIII-2)
Caius Ballad (FFXIII-2)
Yeul (FFXIII-2)
The Arbiter (FFXIII-2)
Bhunivelze (LR:FFXIII)
Lahabrea (FFXIV)
Noctis (FFXV)
Stella (FFXV)
Ramza (FFT:WotL)
Delita (FFT:WotL)
Wiegraf (FFT:WotL)
St.Ajora/Altima (FFT:WotL)
Ashley Riot (Vagrant Story)

*Imagine being able to equip any character moveset on this guy!!!


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Very few places in the U.S. even have arcades anymore to my knowledge, most of what they get is direct from Sega (which is usually slot machines or pachislot which is pachinko-slot variants). California and Illinois (Chicago area) are very niche.

The last place in my hometown to have one was Aladdin's Castle on 76th Street, which is now an abandoned lot more or less.

Also I don't think Western Arcades implement Japan's IME card system yet.

IMEs (sometimes called AnIMEs for the theme cards you can collect) retain personal records and such for players, store credits, and other things.

Based on the current Arcade Scene, there's a high chance Dissidia will be running on what Guilty Gear Xrd is currently running on: Real Engine 3/4 on the RingEdge 2 Arcade board, unless Sega/Sammy decides to make something more advanced for Square-Enix to develop on. At one point Square-Enix was working with Taito Type EX boards (since technically Squeenix OWNS Taito) but those are outdated.

Based on that alone, there's a high chance for a PS3/PS4 port. I make no estimates for XBox One however.
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I can see Gaius being the XIV villain more than Lahabrea. Lahabrea comes across as kind of bland in comparison. I wouldn't mind if they had somebody else, though, like Nero tol Scaeva or one of the others.

More importantly, though, Vivi pls?


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If this comes out for a system I don't have (I'm guessing they will release it on one console or another), I'll be scrubbing toilets to afford it.*

*Yes, I'm that dedicated. It's how I got my last console after all! LOL
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