(New?) Early FFVII footage + Sakaguchi interview (June 1996)


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Hey all, long time no see. :)

Recently some footage the demo CD that was included in the June 1996 issue of PlayStation Club got uploaded. This CD includes an interview with Sakaguchi and features some new and familiar footage of a very early FFVII prototype, plus some SGI demo footage as well. I know some of the footage shows off areas that appeared in magazine previews, but I believe this is the first time they were shown off in motion:

Some of the prototype footage was featured in this development footage from FF7 Int:

What's new however, is the footage of Cloud walking through the Midgar sectors and reactors, as well as some interior house maps as well. Apparently Cloud doesn't know how to run yet. :P

I extracted the raw video from the disc, but the quality is terrible. The file also contains an interview for Jumping Flash!, but the Sakaguchi interview with the footage appears in 1:52 in the video. The time stamp for the video file is 3/13/96, so the prototype featured is dated no later than that.

Some Japanese FFVII commercials were also featured in a later issue of PlayStation Club. I don't know if this was ever shown before. Check out that Bombing Mission remix! There's some in game footage here and there as well. See anything prototype-ish?
Thank you so much for sharing this awesomeness! I was unaware of these PlayStation Club discs.

The Interactive Interview video indeed includes familiar pre-release material though in more frames of video animation than we've seen before! This is a great treasure.

While my eye for detail in FFVII isn't what it used to be, the commercials seem to primarily show stuff that is representative of the final product. Even so, knowing about these sources for higher-definition versions of the commercials is wonderful. Thanks again!
Just want to let people know that YouTuber Orion_ has so far, over the past three weeks, uploaded 21 videos from different PlayStation Club CDs. You'll find trailers and commercials for many familiar PS1 games and products.

I noticed just now that one CD (maybe more, I haven't checked) employs at least two familiar menu sfx from the FFVII Bonus Disc (aka Disc 4):

Hear the familiar "zoom" sfx at 0:41 and 4:31. At the 11:28 mark you'll hear yet another sound effect that you'll recognize from the Japanese-only FFVII Bonus Disc. Makes you wonder if the people behind the PS Club disc also worked on the FFVII "Disc 4" or if the two teams simply happened to use the same stock sound effect library.

I also recommend that you watch the clip about the PocketStation which plays at 4:33 - 7:50. It is wonderfully cringe and over-the-top marketing. XD
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PCPX 96168 contained some neat stuff from the PlayStation Awards 1999 as well as interviews about PS2 tech demos.

FF7 receives the Gold Prize (called at 1:32 in the video) and FF8 receives the Triple Platinum Prize (4:31). From 5:04 - 6:30 we see Yoshinori Kitase receive the FF8 Triple Platinum Prize plaque and deliver a speech.

From 7:00 - 12:42 we see an interview with Kazuyuki Hashimoto, the CG Supervisor for FF7. Squaresoft's PS2 tech demos play in this segment, like the familiar PS2 rendition of Rinoa and Squall dancing.
Orion_ continues uploading interesting content. There are two familiar FFVII commercials in here although I think this is the highest quality we've ever seen them in. At 16:34 & 20:38.

00:16 Square USA Tour
06:06 Parasite Eve Trailer
09:28 Chocobo de Battle Siggraph 97 Tech Demo Footage
10:36 Soukaigi Developer Interview
12:38 Bushido Blade 2 Developer Interview
14:25 Final Fantasy V PS1 Port Trailer
16:34 Final Fantasy VII
17:39 Tobal No. 1
17:57 Bushido Blade (Black Lotus version)
18:15 Bushido Blade (Tatsumi version)
18:34 Tobal 2
18:52 Final Fantasy Tactics
19:09 Front Mission 2
19:27 Einhander
19:44 Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon
20:02 Xenogears
20:20 Bushido Blade (Bushido Date Provocation version)
20:38 Final Fantasy VII (Mezase 3,000,000 Bon version)
20:56 Tobal 2 (Ikareru Taxi Driver version)
21:12 Tobal 2 (Kakushiki Postman version)
21:30 Final Fantasy Tactics (Daikyoushitsu version)
The tour through Square USA shows the team working on Parasite Eve so if you're a fan of that game I recommend you watch the whole tour. The tech demo for the unreleased game "Chocobo de Battle" looks neat. I don't think I knew about this unreleased game before!
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