New Features: Crisis Core Surnames & The Planet’s Name

Both of these can now be found in the Canon of FFVII section.

- Surnames of Crisis Core characters
Author: Squall_of_SeeD
The canonicity of certain names are researched here. Interesting conclusions!

- What is the name of FFVII's planet?
Author: Shademp
Many of you will recognize there being an article about the planet's name (due to the related topic already on the forums) but recently Squall_of_SeeD made some big edits to the feature and it is now better than ever.

I will publish the frontpage newspost in the morning, so that Flintlock's weekly roundups doesn't get pushed down right away.
Thanks for writing these articles. It was really interesting. The other day I was actually thinking about this; anyways, just a little addition, Genesis' last name was pretty clever as well: Rhapsode - .

...the rhapsode is a "singer with a staff." The second connected the word with the poetic act of sewing (rhaptein) the poem (oide)....

I thought there was a connection with his last name...just because it has to do with poems and such.

Again, thanks for this interesting read. :)

The Twilight Mexican

Ex-SeeD-ingly good
That reminds me, I meant to add an explanation of Genesis's name in there too. "Rhapsodos" being Greek for, as you said, one who recites a poem, while "Genesis" is a transliteration from Greek for the Latin Vulgate and meaning "origin" or "beginning."

Thus, his name probably means something like "the one who recites the origin/beginning of the song/poem/rhapsody." Or possibly "the origin/beginning of the one who recites the poem/song/rhapsody." Either way, kind of appropriate given that he's always quoting LOVELESS and was the first of the experiments that led to Sephiroth and Deepground, as well as given that the name of the game is "Crisis Core."

By the way, I'm also going to add a note to the article saying that it's unclear whether "Rhapsodos" remains canon. Perhaps they no longer intend it to be, though it obviously was at one point.

EDIT: Also going to give BloodyCloud a special thanks for the reminder.
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