New site staff and Mod, TresDias/Squall_of_SeeD

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Just an announcement that a new mod/site staff is joining our ranks, Squall_of_SeeD/TresDias, to help moderate the Compilation/FF sections, and contribute content for the site.

He'll be filling in the open spot left by Schala, and considering his contributions and Japanese knowledge, at the very least, it'll at least help take a load off hito :monster:

So yeah, don't be alarmed by the additional blue username added to the list.
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I hope you're kidding because Tres is fucking better than you awesome.
congrats Tres you deserve it :joy:
Shut the fuck up you worthless piece of trash.

If you didn't like One Piece you'd be on my ignore list.


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Oh...but when I've talked to Ron Weasley, he/she's been nice to me too. I guess I think of everyone as nice lol

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To those congratulating me/wishing me luck: Thanks. To those with concerns: You're all banned. But, no, seriously. You're banned.

Running that through babelfish will hopefully give you a phrase like, "I'll do my best, try not to let you down, etc."

In any case, thanks to everybody who posted, regardless of how you took it. I assume that means you all care about the site, so we're on the same side.

Hm. Guess I've got to start using a certain emoticon more often. :monster:
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