No Time to Die (007)


Intriguing. The premise, as I've read, is that Bond's retired - again - and Leiter calls him in for a favor. The girl threatening to shoot him in the knee is the agent who was assigned the "007" designation after he left.

Seeing the Spectre version of Blofeld doesn't give me much hope that they're gonna stop with the "This time, for the fifth-straight-movie, it's personal" angle... but the motorcycle jump is something else.
Pulling doughnuts while firing the DB5's machine guns might be enough to get me to see it all by itself, lol. Also, I spotted that he drives the V8 Vantage from The Living Daylights! (0:54) I love that car :)
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Quantum of Solace was the last Bond I’ve seen. It used to be you could watch them in any order! Is that still the case?

...didn’t Craig hang up the hat?


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Ergo, V
He's said numerous times that this film is the last.....until you throw more 0's onto my paycheck.
I'm not overly excited for this tbh, the last film was utter trash and you can tell Craig isn't actually enjoying the role when you watch him on screen.

The only good thing I see in that trailer is Malek and the theory's that he is portraying Dr No.
Yeah I wish they hadn't brought him back after the "slash my wrists" remark. And I'd also prefer of Bond didn't chase the Marvel-style continuity. A little is fine, and fun (like Jaws, or Hagrid), but trying to connect all his prior movies in Spectre was forced and dumb.
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