[Nominations] 7 Best Moments From Jessie In VII Remake

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Spoilers ahead! Don't read unless you've finished FFVII Remake!

Since Jessie didn't make the cut in Claymore's contest, I've decided to give her one of her own. Same rules, submit any of her moments that you liked. Nominations will run for this week until Sunday, May 24, 2:30 GMT. Might get extended another week if necessary, depending on how many submissions there are. Then we'll take the top 10 results and have a poll to rank them. I'll then make a video out of the top 7.

So basically, just list your favorite Jessie moments here, and we'll see which ones come out on top.

Here are some of mine, to start things off:

Jessie's Best Moments
  • At the gate - "He's got balls..."
  • Getting hit by the lasers - "Do you have a fetish or something?"
  • Before the reactor core - Her "choosing me over the reactor" line
  • Roasting Cloud when he comes to free her from the debris - "Do I look like I'm okay? Help a girl out, will ya?"
  • Racing past the soldiers and through the door just as it closes
  • Flirting when Cloud helps her up on the bridge
  • Getting Cloud to smile at her - "Now that was pretty cool!"
  • Her reaction to seeing the destroyed reactor and Sector 8's damage
  • Watching the train monitor with Cloud
  • Her flirty greeting to Cloud at his room, followed by "Psych!"
  • Driving away from the station with Cloud on the bike
  • Riding with Cloud in the Corkscrew Tunnel and up to the plate
  • Telling Cloud she's falling, then hugging him
  • Kissing Cloud on the cheek, then snuggling with him
  • Having pizza at her parents' place
  • Slapping Wedge on his bottom and catching Cloud laughing
  • Finding the parachutes and telling Cloud to come see her later
  • Hugging Cloud and inviting him over for dinner
  • Her reaction to Cloud saying he'll think about it
  • Getting carried by Cloud into the bar
  • Fighting against Shinra in the Sector 7 pillar
  • Taking out a Shinra chopper all by herself
  • Seeming to die in Cloud's arms
  • Her glove on the dresser in the ending, showing she may be alive
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