Non-FF VII songs as character theme songs idea/discussion thread.


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One minor thing that gets to me, not negatively mind you, about Final Fantasy VII, like many other works of fiction, is how easily I can attach or associate certain song with certain characters. So, being inspired by the various Final Fantasy VII character favorite music threads here's my non-FF VII music character theme song thread. Submissions are welcome.

Professor Hojo: Blue Öyster Cult - Career of Evil; To me it just seems to fit.
Vincent Valentine: The Rolling Stones - Paint It, Black
Sephiroth (post Nibelheim incident): Queen - Gimme The Prize
Zack Fair (toward the close of Crisis Core) Bob Dylan - Knocking on Heaven's Door
Zack and Aerith: Queen - You're My Best Friend
Shin-Ra Electric Company: War Pigs - Black Sabbath

Okay, the last two were for a couple and an organization, respectively. You get the picture, I think.
While not something that would directly spring Nanaki to mind, nor even something that is in the same area of noted types or relevance in the way your examples are styled, this is simply from my own experience/association that has led me to always think of him when it plays. (I've never seen the movie this came from; it's solely the music that is the connection).

Away from my own perspective/experience, I think there's still something relatable (even if that's simply because it's gorgeous music that would suit many a character).

(Just gotta add I don't care if I'm not being fun and am being too serious in choosing :lol: - it means something to me :D ♥)
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I've always wondered what the meaning of Carry on My Wayward Son is. It's so intertwined with Supernatural now that it's hard not to think of it in that context.

I'ma do 80s themes here...because that's all I know

Cloud: Wouldn't It Be Good To Be On Your Side
Cloud Pre AC: Years Go By :
Cloud Post AC: Sweet Freedom:

Zack: Ease on Down the Road:

Barret: What's the Color of Money?

Aerith: Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun:
ClAerith: Like to Get To Know You Well :
Aerith X Zack: Lets Here it For the Boy:

Tifa: A Good Tradition:
CloTi: Have You Never Been Mellow.
I know it's not actually 80s, but it had some longevity it's perfect for Tifa X Cloud

Red XIII: I Walk The Earth:

Yuffie: Material Girl

Cait Sith/Reeve: Living by Numbers :

Vincent: No One is to Blame:
Vincent X Lucretia: Separate Lives:
Cid: The Final Countdown :

Sephiroth: Leave me Alone:
(Yes, I basically choose it as Sephiroth breaking up with ShinRa )


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Oh dude, I frick fracking love these things. I actually made some playlists back in the day, especially around the time Crisis Core came out. Let me diddle off and see if I can find them.


Woo, found it! This playlist is OLD btw.

Zack: Dare You to Move - Switchfoot
Lazard: Extreme Ways - Moby
Angeal: Sick Cycle Carousel - Lifehouse
Sephiroth: I Stand Alone - Godsmack
Aerith: Extraordinary Girl - Green Day
Tseng: What I've Done - Linkin Park

That's just a handful. Would poast links right now but cba. :monster:
i have been feeling this way for a while but never brought it up because it's like hard to explain for me?? I don't think folks will agree?? But this song reminds me so much of Cloud riding Fenrir specifically.

at 0:12, when the bass kicks in, it suggests to me the engine starting up, then at 0:32, you have that vehicle driving full speed ahead. I think it's a real eargasm of a song with interesting, layered sounds playing (read somewhere that BoC seems to have sampled the sound of raindrops hitting a windshield and lkasdjldja) and it perfectly invokes the feeling of driving down a long stretch of road, which is why I think it suits the idea of 'Cloud on Fenrir' lmao.

idk, maybe it's less Cloud's theme and just Fenrir's! :P
This one may be a bit odd.
Jenova, to Sephiroth in the Nibelheim reactor: Florence and the Machine - Spectrum

"And when we come back we'll be dressed in black
And you'll scream our names aloud
And we won't eat and we won't sleep
We'll drag bodies from their graves

So say my name
And every color illuminates
And we are shining
And we'll never be afraid again"

Sephiroth being afraid of anything is odd, but I imagine that one source of dread before his breakdown was the nagging question of whether he was human. The song makes me think of Jenova reassuring him "No, you're not; embrace it and we'll destroy them all." The shining/light imagery kind of fits with Sephiroth's god complex, and also the literal glow of the reactor that he falls into.
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