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Sorry if this has been asked already, I did a quick search and came up empty-handed. I'm looking for an alternative to MS Word, something that I can work on docx files with that has similar features and no subscription. Preferably not a bent copy of Office as I currently have. :monster:

I'm only going to be using it on a laptop so it doesn't need to be an app or compatible with phones (I fucking hate typing on my phone, lol).

Kinda hoping that the faerie of the intarwebz is going to grant me something neat like as an alternative to Photoshop. :P


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Here's a handy-dandy list.

Of the programs on that list I've only used Apache OpenOffice. I found it to be pretty much a carbon copy of Word, just free. :monster:

What do you need the program for? If you are doing some creative writing and don't mind a one-time fee I recommend Scrivener.
What are you using it for? I had a lot of issues in university formatting shit in alternative (free) word processors, when I had to format back into .docx for submissions of assignments. Fortunately MS office was free when I was at uni, so I eventually caved :awesome:. I use Libre Office currently, since I don't need to do anything too complex, ie: where formatting isn't important / doesn't fuck up what I need to do. Just fucks around with how my bullet points appear currently :awesome:. Think the issue was mainly with endnotes when I was at uni. The formatting would always fuck around with the indents. Drove me batty :wacky:. Those were the days.


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I use Apache OpenOffice at home and MS Office at work. I've never had any difficulty editing the same files with Word/Excel.

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If it's for Word type stuff, I'd agree on open office - it's just as good as a word processor.

If you want to do spreadsheets and stuff, all I can say is I haven't yet found one (as much as I hate to say it) that is as good as MS Excel - open office is missing too many little things that add up for the kind of work I do.

In terms of formats though, I've had no issues between MS Word and OO Writer. Open office can actually save as MS Word now, if I'm not mistaken.


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Just gonna repeat what everyone else is saying: Open Office. I literally have access to a free copy of the Microsoft Office suite through school, but I haven't felt a need to get it.

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Thank you ye beauties! I use it for processing my invoices and creative writing mainly, occasionally angry letters OFC. :awesome: I had a brief paranoia about security but I'm biting the bullet at last and will be upgrading to Windows 10 soon. I already have it on my laptop but I also have Windows 7 and I luffs it. :/


I started using Google docs several years ago after using OpenOffice. It's not as good for writing larger things like large school assignments etc as it has less options and settings, but it's great for general notes, creative texts etc. (I wrote all my fic in there.) Plus, auto backup.

Theese Facebook Fuckery days though I wouldn't really recommend it for sensitive documents >_>
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