Official Lego Thrad

For all things Lego. I'm surprised there hasn't been a general Lego thread yet. This is a thread for anything Lego related.

I'll post more about my experiences and views on Lego later, but I'll start with the basics. My first memories of Lego go back to probably around 1987 (:awesome:), when I got one of those animal head sets (I may post it if I can find it later). I had friends at that age with Duplo sets too. I recall a large farm-themed one with a working conveyor belt (granted, it may not be Lego, but a false memory :P).

My brother had a huge Lego collection, which I was often envious of, but being the bastard he was, very rarely let me play with his sets. He had a lot of Technic sets, where as my interest at the time was more so the non-technical ones. My first "non-infant" set was a castle-themed wagon when I was about 6 years old, and my fascination grew from there :awesome:.


Lego used to be the go-to birthday gift back when. I'd start getting it again if it wasn't for the price, jesus fuck :monster:. My parents probably still have all of it in a big red tub, waiting for grandchildren.

Actually I should claim it for my own entertainment, :awesome:
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