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Official RP Contact Thread

Sheva Alomar

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Alrighty, I don't know why this thought never occurred to me sooner, but its about damn time we have a thread to keep in touch with our fellow RPers!

I'm pretty sure everyone here uses MSN aka Windows Live, but just in case you don't, you should change that right now. If I'm not mistaken, its the most preferred. That said, post your emails used for said messenger along with any other messenger emails/screen names that you check/are on often.

Also, I know that we have the silly little icons in our profiles to tell people this info already, but I'm sure most of us are lazy bastards that don't even use/look at those things.

Windows Live: supergirl449@hotmail.com
Google Email (Preferred): integra4000@gmail.com
Yahoo! Email: loguidicea@yahoo.com
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As the supervisor for these discussions, I refuse to give forth my contact info, but demand to be added to all of these group conversations.


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I would like to say that angrymob_jackli@hotmail.com is my MSN that I go on daily to talk to all the awesome people I know and love but recently I haven't had any time to do that what with all the stupid work and internet being mean to me so yeah that doubles as an email.

If there's anything that you need to contact me with and I appear to have dropped off the face of the Internet for an extended period of time (which may probably have actually happened) email is probably the first point of reestablishing contact.


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tennyomelime (at) gmail.com <---email

nentikobe (at) hotmail.com <---MSN (I don't use this for email, hence if you send anything there I will never see it because I don't bother to check)


We have come to terms
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Now that I'm actually IN the RP (lol), contact info! which is pointless because you all already have it

MSN: wkimble (at) live.com
Skype: w_kimble

If you want to email me, just use my MSN address.
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