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I thought this thread was due a fresh start. We (not the fault of anyone in particular) had kind of maneuvered it into ever murkier waters -- which, yes, was befitting the name of the thread (mmm, feel that floc between your toes) ... but was still not what we were really going for.

The original Cesspool has been rebranded "LTD tangent" and moved to the Chit Chat section. Feel free to follow up with it there. :monster:


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Okay now that we're trying this again, I'm going to make it very clear what this thread is actually about. This is where you debate the LTD using ANY AND ALL evidence from ANY source. This is still about the love triangle, not a crack ship thread.
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I'm gonna start very cracky and argue that T/A is the best ship because they used to be the same character way back when in development. And that character was probably named Tifareth. What this leaves me with is whether or not the "Anagram of Earth" name origin for Aerith was BS, applied to the OG combined character, or actually did come about when the Aerith design was created.


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I hope I don’t kick the hornet’s nest too much since it’s my first day here and all, but I always had the impression that the love triangle was never about one girl “winning” over the other, but how they both impact Cloud. I guess having preferences is natural, but I feel like trying to prove Cloud loves one girl more than the other or that only one ship is canon misses the point of having both girls be so important to Cloud’s story. Maybe it’s just because I don’t believe in the idea that Cloud is “supposed” to be with anybody in particular, just that sometimes stuff just happens!


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I think t hat's the problem of the LTD, it's that it went wayyyyy too overboard and no party wants to admit defeat. So they go to lengths to prove that Cloud didn't feel romantic love for either Aerith or TIfa. And since everyone also has different ideas about romantic love, that go from a crush to full blown love, it's like people who're talking to walls.

@Ryushikaze I really wish the devs would ask where the name "Tifa" came from, what's with the Tifaret theory that's became super popular. Others believe it comes from Tiffany... it's a mess :')
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