Paizo's Pathfinder Campaign Setting


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I recently made a Pathfinder character! Still ironing out the kinks, though. 4e feels a lot more streamlined. :monster:
I happen to be one of those 3.5e-xtremists. I just couldn't get behind 4e. That aside, I really love the depth of the pathfinder cs. They cover almost any aspect of the fantasy genre! My group just started playing the Wrath of the Righteous adventure path and I'm very excited to start annihilating demons in a glorious crusade.

What kind of character did you gen up?
Pathfinder is my favorite ruleset, easily. I have 2 characters or so and have a run a game with it.
I haven't played much of 4e, but I don't like what I've seen.
It's mine too. I'm totally digging the mythic rule set true implemented into wrath of the righteous. They make your character a titanic machine of pure power. It's really amazing.
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