Parallels Between XIII and VII [XIII SPOILERS]


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Since the release of FFXIII we have been noticing several parallelisms between the last FF installment and its predecessors, namely, FFVII. It is true that some Final Fantasy entries pay homage to earlier numbers, like in FFIX, with clear references to Cloud Strife and Squall Leonhart, among others, but this time it looks like creators brought that a step further this time. We have found out some of those similarities, but the list is open for all of you to add more of them.

FFVII/FFXIII Parallels List
1) The basis for Lightning's design was that she be a "female version of Cloud." Not only does this hold true in general demeanor and naming scheme, but she's also a former soldier of the Sanctum, whereas Cloud was a former soldier -- and, as far as he knew, an ex-SOLDIER -- of Shin-Ra
2) Sazh Katzroy could be seen as analogous to Barret, as both lost their wives three years before the game, both are single parents, and both are "the black guy"
3) The Sanctum could be seen as analogous to Shin-Ra
4) Team Nora could be seen as analogous to AVALANCHE
5) Both games begin with two of the game's resistance fighters (the Cloud character and the Black Guy) launching an attack on the establishment from a train
6) Both games end with a large, meteor-like object falling toward the planet, threatening imminent catastrophe, only for it to be averted by something rising out of the planet to prevent it. In both cases, female party members who fell in service to the cause are responsible for saving everyone
7) Snow talks about being a hero, as Zack did
8) Snow fights like Tifa, using only his gloved fists
9) There's a date scene involving fireworks
10) There's a highway chase scene
11) There's a scene where one character suggests a journey to see a lost second character again, while a third confirms that they can go do this.

Glaurung said:
12)Proud Clad
13)Costa del Sol kind of music at one scenario.
14)Sadistic blonde bitch who works for the evil Empire/Corporation.
15)Cloud Serah hides his Geostigma her l'Cie mark on his her left arm with a sleeve bandage out of shame from everyone and his her martial-artist koibito, Tifa Snow.



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Mama Dragon
So this was the FFVII remake then?
That seems to be the case, for what we know until now :awesome:

Also, more facts!

16) Characters who wake up after sleeping during a long period of time; thirty years for Vincent Valentine and 500 years for Fang and Vanille.
17) Both Rygdea and Reno share, not only a similar hairstyle, but also a laid-back attitude, even resting their weapons on one shoulder in a relaxed pose, not proper of their respective jobs (soldier and Turk).
18) Long haired, almost bare-chested evil characters. Think Sephiroth and Jihl.
19) An antagonist sprouts wings, but in Cid Raine’s case said wings were at both sides of his back, with a total number of eight, unlike FFVII’s antagonists, whose wings were only at one side with a maximum of two wings in Angeal Hewley’s case.


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Wait a minute. So, you're saying that Square-Enix recycled some of FF13's plot elements from previous games?



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Actually, I see what you just said interesting too.
Bah, I'll list them anyway. :p. From the top....

1 - the central lead suffers from amnesia. This amnesia is in part, caused by the main villain.
2 - the central heroine is a half-breed whose parents were killed by the evil group
3 - the central male hero had his girlfriend suffer an injury in the past while exploring a mountain. It was this injury that influenced his decision to leave town
4 - the evil group has risen to power in the last few decades due to discovering a new source of magical power and using that power to create augmented super-soldiers
5 - the primary villain is a former general of the evil group, and the first experimental super soldier who went insane. The main villain later becomes a god
6 - one of the heroes is a former leader of the evil group with shaky loyalties.
7 - part of the evil group's plan involves finding the home of an ancient magical race that the central heroine is descended from. The main villain and the heroes have a confrontation at this place before it is destroyed
8 - the main villain temporarily scatters the party and the central lead is not found until later.
9 - the main villain unleashes several ancient monsters to attack the world
10 - the main villain kills the leader of the evil group
11 - the main villain employs three ancient superpowered entities both as a source of strength and to battle the heroes
12 - the source of magic in the world comes in the form of magical green rocks
13 - normal humans cannot use magic without said rocks, unless, like the central heroine, they're descended from an ancient magical race
14 - one of the heroes is a silent, cold figure with a shadowy past.
15 - the party acquires an aircraft, only to have it destroyed and they have to get another one later.
I think that's enough for now. :p


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Thanks, Drake! :)

I saw interesting doing this because FFXIII is the newest entry, and because all the hype around it, but it could be really nice to do it with all the rest.

But I have to admit that I can't remember how point 11 applied to VII, could you refresh my memory, please?
I'm stupid, shouldn't have read. I try to avoid spoilers, and here I am :desu:

I shall not visit any spoiler-ified thread until AFTER I have played the game!


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