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People canceling preorders because of LTD issues

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That board is filled with a lot of trolls who aren't going to even play the game who are just trying to stir shit up and try to harm the game in anyway they can. It can be a negative cesspool. especially today with all these new board members I have never seen before making drive-by "HAHAHAHA" or "flop confirmed" posts. Out of all the places I've been to, this place has been the most reliable with information about this game.


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As a spoiler free note, having seen the leaks - idk what any shipper has to be mad about? The entire game/ script has not leaked. There's no telling what's going to happen between most of the characters in part one, there's literally just been a few snippets. It could easily go completely in the other direction from what they're expecting.
As a CloTi, all this makes me laugh. I'm fairly certain that Clerith will get new scenes, just as much as CloTi will. It's so stupid to think that all the game leaked, I don't know where to even begin...


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Who, me? I never said I did. Just to know in general terms how much is known vs unknown as far as character interactions and how they progress. No details about any of it, though.
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