Pics for Bounciest Boobies, Best Ass, Hottest Male, Hottest Female, etc.


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The Man, V
These awards aren't going to go up for another week at least but I figured it would probably be good to allow the contestants to advertise for themselves in advance, so here we go :monster: It is quite likely that if people who were not nominated submit good enough pictures I may be able to be persuaded to make last-minute additions to the nominees as well :monster:
Thank you Aaron <3

Also for

btw Aaron missed one of the
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I thank you for your flattery, but you tell lies! I don't know why I even posted pictures when I know there's no way I can compete with you! :P At least I knew my place well enough to not submit any pictures for the Bounciest Boobies category :monster:
I should of known my place and not of posted for best ass, cause honestly, I would turn lesbian just to tap that ass so hard. Lol :P
I still think we should do gifs for bounciest boobies instead of :pics: that way we can determine their actuals bouncyness rather than assume based on size.

And Gabe, GLD, Tres, and Lex, u gaiz needz 2 poast :pics: 4 besst beerdz.


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I'm not winning anything this year. *bows to Soak's boob pics*

And holy crap, Cassie, where'd that telephone one come from?! :O schwing

Those are all old, except the first one which I took like a month ago.

I'll take some newer pics later.


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Aaron, reading that post and seeing that avatar just made me giggle.

Also, jus' saying I'm not posting ass pics. So might as well not put me on the poll. :monster:
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