Pixar and Dreamworks.


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Oh yeah, A Bug's Life. Its been a really really long time since I've seen that one. :/ I don't think I can even remember the plot. :P
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I guess so.

They also reminded me a lot of the Fantastic 4.
What. The incredibles are nothing like the failtastic four save for a few similarities in powers, which were common in many comic characters besides those niggers.

I say this mainly because of the personalities of the FF, and the fact that they've not once been as close a family as the Incredibles.


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Ratatouilee is a great watch guys , i urge you who missed it to catch it especially since your pixar fans. Its not as great as wall-e but its a definete keeper.

and yes , Wall-e is definetly beautiful on blu-ray on my 42" panasonic wide screen viera , mmmm sexaaay.
Everytime I see a trailer for a Pixar movie, I think it's going to suck, but then after I watch it I like fall in love with it for months. lol. Cept Wall-E, I knew I'd love that one so it's def. my favorite Pixar movie. And Wall-E has to be the best looking Blu-Ray out there. I don't get why it's two disk though, when they could have easily fit it all into one disk...


I'm not a big fan of animated movies, mainly because they're all aimed at kids (read: 'family films'), which makes me queasy. I also dislike that each and every animated movie by the two companies described in this thread are about animals or inanimate objects with giant eyes, and have been for the last few decades. The few humans that appear are formless blobs (Incredibles, Wall-E), which probably makes them a whole lot easier to animate / work with than more lifelike ones. With that in mind, SE ftw.

But Wall-E is awesome, and definitely the best they've made so far. Nemo's good also, but everyone loves it and humps it to death, which makes it corny.

We had our whole street dressed up in Nemo style, even, with seagulls in our frontyard with a 'Mine!' track playing every so often - to great lulz to passers-by, especially if they were looking at the scene when the track played. :monster:

The Incredibles and Cars were obviously aimed primarily at American audiences, considering proper Yurpeans don't read comics or nascar, :monster:.

Wall-E appealed to my nerdy self though. Star Trek ftw. And it looked awesome - I still consider AC to have the best graphics (and make the best use of the possibilities of CG movies), but Wall-E comes a close second. Minus the people, of course, for reasons stated above.
There's something odd about Pixar in that it has never come out with a bad movie. there's been a few that havent done as well like cars (imo, never had any desire to see it) but they've all done amazing. Go toy story.

Dreamworks sucks. it's the "scary movie" of cg movies. random pop culture references and big name actors is all it has going for it. which both suck.
the only exception is kung fu panda. I really fucking enjoyed that.
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