Planning the 2014 TLS Awards

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If memory serves, the general procedure has been to have the month of November for nominations and the month of December for voting, except last year when we forgot until midway through November. Anyway it's probably worth starting to talk about categories, procedure, etc., so we don't get caught off guard this time around.

For those who need a memory refresher the old awards rounds can be viewed [forum=76]here[/forum].


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I can't think of any new categories.

I have a (slight) problem with the best noob, basically I hate having to choose one person when it seems we get at least 4 great new members a year. I dunno.. something about it doesn't sit right with me. Like can't we just give awards to all those who get nominated? Something like 'Awesome Noob'? :sadpanda:


Are we going to do that thing where some of us want less categories and then we end up with like 30 anyway or are we skipping that part this year because tbh we seem to do it every year and it never changes :monster:


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^ I'd still support having fewer categories but I'm not going to suggest it any more. I just didn't vote in all the categories I didn't care about last year, and I'll do the same again this year. So let's skip that part :)


I want a "Biggest Cishet White Binary Gendered Headmateless Humankin Ableist Shitlord That Needs To Check Zis/Zer Privilege" category this year, 's all I'm saying :monster:


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Flint, funnily enough I was going to say about the categories.

I liked the categories last year even though there was a lot of them (42) I guess there's no harm in keeping them, people just tend to pick the ones they want to nominate anyways, no harm in having a variation of categories.

Anyways I'm kinda excited about them this year :)


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I'M TAKING BEST ASS AND TITS AWARDS THIS YEAR. Probably from the lifeless body of the rightful winner, but still valid IMO. :monster:
Jesse McCree. I feel like a New Man
Can't we make a category for best bod or best muse? At least give me incentives to nominate who I think has the beautiful bod and is a beautiful muse!!


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Can anyone make a list of last years categories? I clicked to the forum for last year but two clicks and I still hadn't found it :monster:

I suggest renaming 'Best Ship' to 'OTP'


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Okay, awards I wouldn't mind keeping:

Member of the year
TLS Lifetime Achievement Award
Best site contributor
Best staffer
Best quality poster
Best newcomer
Hottest male
Hottest female
Biggest overall FF wonk
Biggest non-FF geek
Most in need of daylight
Member you'd most like to meet in real life
Member you'd most like to bone
Horniest member
Best drunk/stoner
"Wish You Were Here" Award (Most missed/ post more)
The Phoenix Down Award (Best comeback)
Best graphics (avatar/signature/etc.)
The TLS Art Prize
The TLS Literature Prize
Most entertaining/funniest
Most talented (art, writing, music etc)
Most improved
Most predictable
Biggest username changer
Bounciest boobies
Best ass
Best beard
Most pistoning pen0r
Best ship TLS OTP
Most pedantic
Best thread starter Most creative topic starter
Most fervent TLSer
Most inspiring
Best .gif reply
Most likely to need a swear filter
Most likely to go the extra mile

Awards I suggest:
* Best TLS Ambassador (suggested this last year as well - I think it was left out due to lack of possible nominations - but this is an award we should be able to hand out!)
* Least likely to win an award - yes, bring it back :monster:
* TLS House Ghost - We don't see you post much but we know you're there (or just with us in spirit because you're talked about even when you're not there)

That's all I have for now


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I suggest an Almost Fully Transformed Into a Cookie Monster Award

Or just "Cookie Monster of the year"

What does that mean? We don't know

All we know is it's



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Best Cookie Monster outfit :D

I has Pjs, Carlie has Cookie monster stuff too and so do other members and he is our mascot this might end up being a fun category, someone might end up shoving a blue cardboard box over themselves or something and claim they're a pixelated cookie monster...picture it :D
Best gif reply needs to go. That was a self-serving category.

How about having TLS idol as part of the awards? Meaning, the results won't be known till like, December. ��

Best magician? Members submit a short video of themselves performing a magic trick they know.

Tallest member? This'll have to be honour-based cause we all live far away from each other. Someone creates a thread, and we reply with our height in it

I'll think of more....
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