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Bloomberg: PlayStation Plans New Service to Take On Xbox Game Pass

- Codenamed Spartacus.
- Available on PS4/5, expected this Spring.
- Will merge PS+ and Now.
- A 3 tier subscription service:
  • Tier 1: PS+ benefits
  • Tier 2: access to PS4 and select PS5 games
  • Tier 3: access to classic library (could include PS1/PS2/PSP games)
- Unlike Microsoft's Game Pass, Sony will not include its big first party titles day one on the service.


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I finally set up the PS5 I bought in September! It’s very striking in person, and not quite as big as I thought, thankfully. It leaves a very strong impression the moment you set it up. Reminds me of the impression the Wii left me with a decade ago... There must be something to white consoles with a blue glow, I guess. To celebrate opening it, I turned on the original PS1 behind me and listened to that classic startup experience while I unboxed it.

Now all I have to do is get games to actually play. Some enhanced PS4 games like Intergrade might be a good start. Otherwise, I’m eyeing Demon Souls.


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Or get the dbrand darkplates 2.0 which has venting for your fans which Sony's do not and are high quality. I managed to get the 1.0 when they came out before Sony sued them because they got annoyed that dbrand beat them to it by an entire year. As for the controller, I have a dark blue and black matte that I customized on colorware and has plenty of options. Since Sony pretends capitalism supposedly breeds innovation buy from these or other places instead.
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