Project Z: Dragonball Z ARPG by CC2


Harbinger O Great Justice

It looks like CC2 is gonna do for DBZ what they did for the Naruto series, and I am beyond excited for it. It's also highly likely that this also means that the same will come with Japanese and English voice tracks.

X :neo:
Definitely stoked as well! I just wonder how the fighting will be. Will it be Xenoverse in more of an open-field style? Or will it be the "Legacy of Goku" reimagining that I've always wanted? These are rhetorical, of course, because no one knows yet. Personally, I kind of hope it's a bit of both worlds and judging from the trailer there will at least be a hint of "Legacy of Goku" style in there.

The Xenoverse series has been outstanding, in my opinion. Even though the games find a way to basically tell the entire DBZ story (like pretty much every DBZ game) they do it in a refreshing way with their own story meshed in as well. I thought each game was great with surprisingly good stories and extremely fun gameplay, but I am definitely excited for this game and looking for something new and fresh.
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