PSP Go UMD Conversion Plans Cancelled


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Well, this pretty much sucks…After stating that a plan to transfer UMD games from the PlayStation Portable to the UMD-less PSP Go was in the works, Sony Computer Entertainment of America has now apparently confirmed that no such transfer system will be available in the US. Speaking to Kotaku, a spokesman stated that “We were evaluating a UMD conversion program, but due to legal and technical reasons we will not be offering the program at this time.”
This despite Sony Europe’s announcement earlier this week that it will provide a “PSP Go Rewards Program” that allows owners of UMD games to exchange up to three of their titles for the digital counterpart or simply choose from other titles on a select list before a certain cut-off date.
So, despite the glimmer of hope that is the phrase “at this time” in the quote above, it appears that supporters of Sony’s PlayStation Portable in the US will have to repurchase their library of games if they plan to continue supporting the platform by picking up the $250 PSP Go when it launches next week.
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stop copy pasting if you're not going to provide a source or quote it. It's just lazy and disingenuous.


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Well Sony just lost a customer for the shitty handheld.

And yeah, make sure you post sources for your posts next time, so we know where you're getting the news, okay?
I'm not getting it, never was, my 1000 works fine, but just torrent your old games. Making the assumption that we would feel guilty normally about doing such a thing :monster:, I would feel no guilt doing so with games I already own. I think its even legal.
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