QF: J-E-N-O-V-A vs. Dancing Mad

Which of these songs do you like best?

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This should be an interesting matchup. For every person who says Dancing Mad is the greatest composition in the Final Fantasy series, there'll be another who finds it boring or simply too long. That might help the shorter, punchier J-E-N-O-V-A, but that song has its detractors as well.


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Yeah, voting Dancing Mad for me is a no-brainer, and am thus really surprised at the voting results so far :P. It is times like these that I wish I could plug myself into the brains of others to see how they can perceive something is better than another thing, and gain new insights myself :awesome:.
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If Dancing Mad were shorter, or it was just certain parts of Dancing Mad that we are voting on, then I'd probably pick it. But there's almost too many themes that don't sound related for it to work as anything other then a medley for me. It sounds more like a collection of different pieces then anything else.

J-E-N-O-V-A's biggest problem is that the OG version is inferior to the ACC version. I listened to the OG version of J-E-N-O-V-A and was prepared to pick Dancing Mad almost by default, but then Dancing Mad just kept going on, and on and the main theme of it doesn't come up until minutes into the piece. J-E-N-O-V-A is at least short and it's got a great intro theme going thoughout the whole piece that has this alien feel to it, especially when compared to the rest of the FFVII soundtrack. It just doesn't sound like belongs with the rest of the FFVII world like the rest of the OST does. Which is perfect for boss fights against an alien.

I kinda feel like the songs are almost too different to compare to each other on equal footing. One is a shortish boss theme for a very specific type of boss fight. And it works very well in that role. The other is a final boss theme that's split up into four different themes for all of it's different forms. It's almost like if Premonition, The Legendary Beast, Maybe I'm a Lion, and The Extreme (the final boss themes of FFVIII) were all presented as one long song.

Listening to Dancing Mad as it is feels like a chore, while listing to the individual themes in it separately wouldn't. Listening to J-E-N-O-V-A never does. For this vote, I'm going with J-E-N-O-V-A, but if Dancing Mad had been split up into it's separate themes as their own pieces of music, I'd likely vote for one of them instead.
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This should be an interesting matchup. For every person who says Dancing Mad is the greatest composition in the Final Fantasy series
Fixed. :monster:

To be fair I don't know if it's the greatest in the series but it's easily in my top 5. Again, for reasons I've blabbed before.


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For the second time this round, Obs has done a great job of describing how I feel about the two songs involved I have to choose between.

I have only one disagreement - I love the original version of J-E-N-O-V-A - and one observation - the FFVI opera was split into parts and some people said they would have preferred it all in one piece, so I guess these longer tracks just can't win either way. :monster:

(I'm voting for Jenova.)


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Funny story.

For a short while, on the Vent chat for the FFXIV Free Company I was in, I was in charge of playing music, which generally consisted of FF soundtracks. I was told to play one more, and then we were gonna do a Coil run. I was in the middle of some stuff, and needed to by some time.

I played the 18 minute long Dancing Mad.

If this were the AC Jenova, I'd probably go with it. But as it stands, DM gets my vote.


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I'll admit, when it comes to Dancing Mad, I actually can't listen to the full song on youtube because of my internet space; 18 minutes for a video will suck way to much down, and I know I like Jenova, so Dancing Mad doesn't ever get my vote. It's not that I don't like it, I just don't remember the entire song and can't listen to the darn thing. :wacky:
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