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Double Growth
I wish this (and video games generally) had worked out a way for me to enjoy deckbuilding without fighting an interface. As a kid, I would make YuGiOh decks by spreading all my cards out on the basement floor, categorized by type. Games give you filters and stuff I know, but I just can never get a good overall picture of what I have to be working with. Even in the ygo video games I've tried, haha.

You know what game might have the most useful one such screen? FF9 of all games!
You can see all your cards at once! And then in QB's case, you could stick the card's effect off to the right there instead of needing to pull it up on top of your cardlist. Add the sorting features to a screen like this, and I think I could work with that!


None Shall Remember Those Who Do Not Fight
Rosarian Shield
How in the hell are you supposed to beat the "final boss"!? The jump in difficulty is insane. :scared:

Edit: Done. I had to build another deck as my main is focused on enfeeblement. Hardest match ever!
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Erotic Materia

Ok, found my first game-breaking bug: sometimes you drag a card into place but it doesn't stay. However, it still registers the move, but doesn't do any of the card abilities, give you points, assign pawns, etc. That being said, you can apparently place multiple cards this way in one turn, even though none of them give you points. When I hit this point, I just start a new game. It's happened twice in about 10 games so far.
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